knees and joining up

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by stev_e, Aug 18, 2007.

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  1. Hi there,

    Recently I had a knee injury, at first I thought it was simply runners knee, but after a few weeks ago it hadn't gone and was still hurting, not constant pain, it comes and goes. I spoke to a nurse (who wasn't qualified, but had spent 3 years working in orthopaedics) who told me it would be a problem for life. She put me on anti-inflams for 5 days (ago), and things are a lot better now, although I can feel it's not yet healed. I have booked a appointment with the best specialist I can find.

    But my question, assuming this is a problem for life, could I still join up? - I can still run no problems at all.
  2. In my unprofessional opinion, if you need constant meds, how can they be guaranteed at all times during your army career? That's all i can think of.
  3. I agree with RE, speak to anyone who has served and your knees take a hammering during service, even if they are 100% to start with.
    Maybe the Royal Navy would offer a service career that is kinder on the old hinges.
  4. If you want to join and are happy that you can still run on it, my advice would be to join up and not draw attention to it. It's a moral fibre thing in my opinion. Similarly, it is shocking to see the number of people who have, IMO, gotten themselves downgraded for ailments that many others simply choose to continue to soldier on with.
  5. What the fu ck are you thinking of taking advice from an unqualified person even if they mean well. Get yourself to a doctor. It could just be that you need a better pair of footwear though, get a qualified opinion.

    We all have certain aches and pains that we have to carry, some of them you can manage with, others you cant. Chances are that if you're young enough then they will heal.
  6. I'm currently downgraded (and have been for the past 10 years) partly this is due to knee injuries. I've had problems with them since basic training but it took 8 years for it to be taken seriously. Now, several rather uncomfortable operations later, physio, rehab, being taught to walk properly blah blah blah I'm back to being able to run up to 2 miles.
    I'd advise you to get yourself sorted properly before making a decision to join up.

    oh and I still walk like a mong even when sober.
  7. Elaborate mate, whats the inury called?
    There are some injurys you would probaly be able to pull through with but others which would not be worth even applying with. I myself have Tendonitis in both my knees and am at the moment training for P-company, there are times when it is severly painful but I find the pain usually resides after excerise. It dosn't affect me in any way what so ever. I can still run fine, lift weights and complete assualt courses ok, it just causes me pain sometimes. If your injury is like this then you may well be able to learn to live with it as my injury dosnt cause lack of mobility or anything like that, just pain. But if your injury causes lack of mobility it isn't even worth visiting your careers office, sorry, but it just isn't.
  8. As far as i am concerned , the one you described as a nurse is not a nurse as such, but she/he is a Health Care Assistant who knows nothing about medications.As a qualified professional who is working in Orhopaedics field, i would encourage you to go and and see your GP who will refer you to an Orthopaedics Consultant.An X-Ray will be performed to determine the extent of the injury (if there is any).The results of the X-Ray will give the doctors the decision to take ie whether to perform a surgery or not.The nurse you spoke to is a bit silly.Who told her that your problem will trouble you the rest of your life.From the description you gave mate, i am very confident that the X-Ray will show no injury at all.The pain will finally cease to trouble you
  9. Lol, I back you up on your quote about soft tissue healing, my knee tendons have still not fecking healed :x Dosn't affect me too much anymore though, so I am happy :)
  10. So unqualified nurses are prescribing medicines now? Are they aware that's against the law?

  11. I'm an old fart now. Had a very bad knee injury in me 20's but managed to get through it without downgrade. Now I have other knee issues, mainly repeated soft tissue injuries that fix themselves in time.

    As the others have said, first get a proper medical assessment before jumping into the Army as it's really tough on the old knees.

    Still 21... may have a further better suggestion re the RN, or even the RAF depending on what trade you do, (i.e. RAF Regt still run and dive about a bit).

    Before getting too excited, see the quack and get the professional response. It may just be a temporary condition or one easily treated.

    Best of luck with it mate