kneecap clicking? my bloody luck!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ben1985, Oct 28, 2007.

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  1. Hello, I start Phase 1 in Mid January

    My right knee recently developed a bit of a clicking sound, now both my knees click ever so often, but my right knee almost clicks every time i 'contract' it.

    Ie. if i stand up now and swing my knee, it constantly clicks every time as it nears the floor, it sometimes dosent click but recently seems to be clicking a hell of a lot more.

    It dosen't really hurt but the knee itself feels 'funny' if you get me, in comparison to my left knee which is fine, no clicking at all really!

    in a tizzwaz now, shall i tomorrow get some glucosamine tablets?, i already take cod liver oil, so shall I take them for a week if any improvement go and see the doctor?

    the best way to describe it is it feels to have more stifness in the knee than the other one,

    But this has only recently started to feel like this, say for a week, so im worrying about this having in impact in Phase 1

    Give me some tips people, i dont want to have not start phase 1 due to this knee because i can guess CMS is going to be very hard on both knees!

  2. Look up crepitus on Google. Stop panicking, keep training.
  3. I get this quite often but it doesn't hurt or anything. I stopped training when I first got it but now its pretty regular, I just carry on.
  4. Ive had one knee thats done that for, well years and years, still walking, running etc. No need to panic as has been said.
  5. Get out of the titt wazz, what eve rthat may be and stop flapping. You are young, I presume and still "developing". My knees clicked, click and will click and I am fully "developed"!

    You will be warmed up and stretched IAW the current practice when you get to your trg establishment - don't worry, you'll be fine. xx
  6. I'm actually 22 next Wednesday, it's not so much a pain it's just the occasional clicking on my right knee has developed into almost all the time if i fully retract and contract my knee, it's just feels very funny round the kneecap area compared to my left.

    I'll find some glucomasine tomorrow and get that down me! aswell as my cod liver oil and just postpone this weeks run's/jog's I got 8:32 on my selection run, i don't need to go daft on them.

    I just mainly need to work on upper body strength and that's definitley what I will mainly do this week.


  7. Good luck.
  8. Dont need to take anything, like i said ive had it for years, its a noise not an injury, dont worry, nowt you are taking will do anything
  9. Ah yes - 1985!!
  10. I so much don't want this causing problems in Phase 1, i sometimes do over worry but I can feel and do definitely know there is something not too right about this right kneecap, I will go to the doctors tomorrow and get it checked out after work!

    fingers crossed!

  11. wouldnt worry about it fella, mine started clicking when l was about 15, now everything seems to click and lm 32 now

    Compromised my escape outta the chicks block in leconfield in 1996, sounded like a bloody horse going down a very quiet corridor..

    anyways, by the time you get out your knees will be fu***ed because of all the tabbing :)
  12. Thats it mate, fill the lad with confidence...even if he is older than me! :D
  13. All lm saying is you will be fine, but if you happen to find yourself in the chicks block leopard crawl out thats all.....
  14. Glucosamine and cod liver oil are both very good for the joints although Glucosamine is predominantly used as a substance that the body requires to build and repair tissues, cartilage and synovial fluid. Taking these supplements will not do you any harm and could possibly alleviate your symptoms.

    As mentioned by all that have replied, knee clicking is very common and in most cases will stay with you for life, with no detrimental effect. If you are that concerned, cut back on your training (by the sound of it you are at a good level of fitness to begin CMS(R)) and seek medical advice.

    I am sure you are worrying about nothing, but if in doubt, get it checked out!

  15. i do that as well. my start date is rapidly approaching, and now, every run im so aware of every momentary pain. its like, everything in the past 5 months has been about joining the army, and now its here i shit myself ill pull a muscle and get defered or something.

    very few things that dont hurt are anything to worry about. if you cant do 10 hops on the offending leg, without mind numbing pain, then its serious. if not, RICE and you'll be good as new.