Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by 5.56mm, Dec 18, 2006.

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  1. I have being running for quite a while now started with 1.5 then 3 then 4.5 now 5.5 i usually run about 4-5 times a week. My knees often feel "dodgy" shall we say the day after no great pain like but you can feel something. Usually i only feel it when i go upstairs and i dont feel it when i run. Can anyone tell me what it is?
  2. Forgot to add i run on pavements
  3. Try the middle of the road, youll not feel your dodgy knees for long
  4. get yourself booked in for a check up

    by your GP / UMO

    or better still - a sports injury specialist for assessment and advice, then go armed with this info to your GP!

    could be something as simple as a problem with your trainers, or it could be ligament damage

    either way - get it seen.

    let us know how you get on, good luck
  5. yeah i will get it checked up i wasnt sure if it was t p or whatever it is called and it could well be the trainers as they were £7.99 from shoe zone and have no cushioning at all!!!
  6. 5.56 has a bright thought.

    Now, what are you going to do about it?

    Hint: Christmas is coming up soon.

    Also: If you're body's telling you to slow down / take a rest, listen to it. Don't train with an injury.
  7. Decent running shoes will help a lot. Elastic knee supports can help. Avoid surgery at all costs. If you can lose weight through some other diet/exercise regime this will help reduce the load too. I wrecked my knees when I was in the TA
  8. Decent running shoes will help a lot. Elastic knee supports can help. Avoid surgery at all costs. If you can lose weight through some other diet/exercise regime this will help reduce the load too.

    I wrecked my knees when I was in the TA - half end brick under the knee cap (lifted it) when I slipped whilst doing the "down" element of REEF in training. Always been a weak point since.
  9. (no wah??!!) 5.56 ahh I'm disappointed I thought you had reformed and seen the light but no your just as bone as ever!

    OK it's kind of logical that if you're putting in serious miles on a hard surface you're going to need a decent set of trainers, if you want to know which one's to get try the search facility but you don't have to blow the bank and spend a month's pocket money. I can recommend this site Clickety click you can't go wrong and for under £30 quid they're cheap as chips.

    So get yourself some good shoes and if you can stay of the hard stuff, I know it's hard in the winter but hey you only get one set of knees! If then you knees still feel dodgy think again, personally I'd give them a couple of weeks rest then see as I hate doctors - they keep everything on record, records that the Army want to see.
  10. Could be tendonitis
  11. Years ago i could just about manage 1.5 miles but for several days afterwards i could hardly walk becasue my knees were so painful. My GP refered me to hospital for a possible cartiledge operation which for various reasons never happened.

    Now 20 years later i have just completed my first 10k race (in 58 mins - well i am 41!!) and i feel totally fine and i'm running 3 miles at least twice a week plus doing a lot of mountain biking.

    I put this down to the fact that for the past two years i have been taking cod liver oil and glucosamine tablets every day.

    Got to be worth a try if you are suffering. Don't expect an instant cure though - you need to take them over quite a long period to see the benfits.
  12. When I was in the Army, I did an FA injuries & treatment course. I noticed in another post you asked if it was CP. I did the course ages ago, but I'm sure with CP you get a creaking of the knee, and pain when you walk either up or down stairs (It doesn't hurt both walking up and down, just one of them, can't remember which).

    I also know from that course and my own knee injury, that the physio and rehab instructer put a lot of emphasis on building up the muscles that push the knee cap away from the knee, to stop it from rubbing.

    But at your age, you are also at risk of doing too much. Your best bet is to make an appointment with your GP who will either advise you or refer you to a physio.

    And buy some decent trainers, FFS! £7.99 trainers would fcuk your feet up if you was using them just to walk the dog in, let alone act as shock absorbers whilsts you're jumping up and down in them!

    But first things first - go and see a Doctor!
  13. If your skint

    go to a bargain shoestore - but buy a branded name of trainer. something with a moderate amount of heel support/cusioning.

    it doesnt have to be this years fashion - it just has to give you protection
  14. ok will buy some new trainers, if 5.5 miles is too far how far should i run?
  15. I have 1 year and a bit till i can go in the army but i want to get really fit and if i can fit enough for the paras, but i feel the only way to acomplish this is running very far. :(