Knee surgery prior to joining up

Hey all, I'm looking to join up in the next couple of years, but I'm unsure about how my knees will affect my joining up.

I've had an arthroscopy on my right knee to remove some torn meniscal cartilage from a rugby incident. That was in Sept 04.

I'm having another arthroscopy on my left knee this summer at SOME point to check for cartilage problems in that knee after a really bad fall in a mosh pit at a gig.

My right knee, less than a month after the op, was fine, could run on it, returned to hillwalking cycling etc. Hopefully my left knee will respond better as I am substantially fitter now than I was in 04.

How would this affect my chances of being refused at the medical stage? Is there a time period I have to wait before I can join up?

Cheers in advance

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