Knee Supports...

Hi all

Due to age and an old sport injury I am starting to get a lot of gyp in my knee. I am ok doing the BFT run but feel as though I may need a bit of support on up and coming CFT's. I was thinking of getting a knee support that can be easily put on and taken off when in the field...

can anybody recommend any tried and tested products...

PS already started using Sorby insoles.. but knee still giving pain...

thanks in advance...
I have similar issues with my kness so I would suggest a quick trip to the doctors.

The best advise you are going to get on product s is from him/her so you may as well make the effort and go and check them out.

OR just go intoa sports shop and ask one of the spotty fcuk wits which one is better
Same problem, different cause. Lonsdale do one that is very good and pretty cheap.
Failing that, go to the med centre and try to blag a decent sized role of wide bandage. That'll do the job.
Hi thanks for the mail...

Do not want to go to Dr's as all they will say is do not run etc...

I'll have a look at Lonsdales...

Thanks again...
A sports physiotherapist would be a good port of call. It is a quite particular problem. You may well need orthotic footbeds to help correct your gait.

Running shops may be of help too as they can help you choose better running shoes. I found these people very knowledgeable and I'm sure there will be something similar near you. Again you need one that has a sports physiotherapist available.
I seriously reccomend you do go to the doctors- now, I realise your reasons for not wanting to go, but hear me out.

I recently had to head in there as I have problems with both of my knees, one in particular. They have been giving me gip for a fair while, but I've always brushed off a trip to the med centre to avoid getting a pity chitty. Last week, my knee gave way completely underneath me and I stacked down stairs. Turns out that my ligaments are all shot to buggery, as is the back of my kneecap. I'm getting physio now, am on stacks of anti inflammatory pills and expecting surgery in the future. Don't even know yet if any of this will fix me up, either.

This could have been avoided if I had just gone to see the doc when it was just giving me gip, before it got this bad.

I tried to get on just with the knee supports, and this is what its done to me. Just think about it, you know?
I used to have problems with my knees until I lost some weight. What a difference a couple of KGs made.
Thanks for the advice Lofty... I am training for TA CIC at the moment and over the next couple of months total rest is not an option...

2 ops on my knee has'nt helped but I am resting as much as possible but you know the drill, I wil take your advice and see the Doc...

thanks again
Unfortunately good knee supports that aren't the beasty hinged ones aren't ones you can whip off in a few seconds as they tend to be fitted on the tighter side! Worth going to the doc and as other have mentioned may well be that you are just over pronating and need some orthotics fitted. Worth getting that looked at as well as many Docs will just prescribed your some ibuprofen and tubigrip

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