Knee Stuff

Right i know there will be a huge amount of questions on this subject but i cant see any that cover the kind of area that i can bring back to life. So ive had to pollute your already full platz with this.

Ive had the already knee issues many years, also had some compartment syndrome which has now been delt with by a bi lat decompression (ant and post).
Just had an MRI on the knees themselves recently. Which I am still waiting on the results for. However during the chat!! with one of the surgical teams staff I was told prob not going to be able to sort. Poss MD commin my way.

I know as i havent had the results as yet this could easily be viewed as me worrying about nothing. But i have to admit after 8 years service and no real work before i joined up im a little nervous about this.

The kind of info im asking about is second opinions. What kind of route can i use, is the green machine dead set against sending people private? How do i go about getting a decent second opinion not the one from my civilian SMO who used the amazing comment "If they cant fix you try and stay in. Dont you know how had it is to get a job out there. By the way what job in the army is it you do." Are there any people/orginisations that are widely respected and known about within your Corps that could possible help me get fixed that I wouldnt have a bobby about?

As you can see any help/advice would be met with a dam good brew. Poss a crate/bottle of choice for a winning post!!!!!!

Thanks in advance

That was all a bit garbled and doesn't give much to go on. If you want some UNOFFICIAL, INFORMAL advice let me know in a PM, but I will not be putting myself in the position of trampling on your existing MOs toes. I will maybe be able to explain a bit better to you the ramifications of your injury on your career stream, as often you only think of the right questions after you have left the MO's office.
Hope things go well for you mate and you can stay in green, but remember the grass can be green on the other side.

Being a member of Civ Div now I would not worry too much about being MD'd if that has too happen. Get a good course on resettlement that is relevant to the job market (IT is a good one at the moment) and have faith in your ability, believe me most civvies are not a patch on ex-squaddies who are driven to succeed.

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