Knee strength, and improving agility

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by crashdummy, Jan 13, 2007.

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  1. More questions for you here chaps :)

    I've got two really, so I'll divide this up into two sections.

    First of all: Knee strength.

    I basically want to strengthen my knees and surrounding area as much as possible, in preparation for all the running I'll be doing. I do a fair amount already, and basically want to be as well prepared as possible for the trials to come.

    Are there any exercises I can do to improve their strength?

    Secondly: Agility.

    On AOSB briefing, I was told that I need to improve my agility.

    Admittedly I wasn't that fit when I took it, so after the bleep test I wasn't in the best shape to go jumping over walls. I've lost a decent amount of weight in the meantime, and am fitter. I've also been working on my upper body strength, the better to throw my bodyweight around with. But how else can I improve my agility?

    Personally I'd like the opportunity to be caned around an army assault course, but I don't think that'll happen. It's practising the techniques as much as anything else that I think will help. Similarly, I don't think my neighbours will appreciate me jumping over their fences, which aren't 8ft anyway!

    What do you reckon are the odds of the TA or someone giving me a hand? Far fetched I know, but hey, don't ask and you won't receive!

    If that's out of the window, any other suggestions?

    As always, thanks for all advice given! :)
  2. Running off road and on undulating ground will strengthen the ligaments and muscles surrounding the knees (and ankles). Unless you have knee problems don't worry about it! Running in itself will strengthen your knees. Agility basically relates to fitness levels. The fitter you are, the more agile you will be. As you have been told already, upper body exercises (plus stretching) will help.
  3. Leading on with the knee topic then... If I'm running more than I'm generally used to, is a little bit of a knee ache a sign that my body's adapting? More to the point, will it go away in time?

    Nothing painful, I barely notice it.
  4. No if there is pain stop and go and see a physio!

    As for agility go play volleyball, basketball or any sport that will help you build knee strength too but seriously if you getting pain now go see a sports injury clinic now before it becomes a problem when you join up. Plus they will give you exercises than can build up the muscles.
  5. i've had a endless knee problems, best advice if theres any pain what so ever go to a physio, if you do have no knee pain or just the odd niggle then usually sort it self out. The keys to balance the muscles around the knee targeting the vmo muscle(inside thigh musle).

    best site for general knee conditions

    best of luck mate
  6. He hasn't got knee pain!
  7. This would indicate there is something that could lead to pain and a problem FSJ
  8. But if everyone went to the doctors or the physio everytime they felt the slightest twinge then there'd be a 14 month waiting list! I agree that if it becomes a problem and starts to affect training then yes, go see a physio.
  9. Very true mate.
  10. It hasn't gotten to that stage, thank God!

    I'd accurately describe it as my knees feeling a bit tired.

    Can't afford the latest orthotics that the physio told me would eliminate all knee problems, so am making do with Scholl ones. You've read the thread I think.

    It's so bloody annoying though. I just want to get fit, I don't want to have to worry about my granny knees.

    Am I the only person with this problem, or does everyone get knee problems every now and again?
  11. keep off the tarmac then.
  12. and dont carry any weight
  13. I don't run on tarmac. Nor carry weight.
  14. Good you should be sorted now get off your arse and turn off the PC and get out and run you horrible little man you! :thumright:
  15. :thumleft:

    Fair one, I'm off. :plotting:

    Cheers all :thumleft: