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Hi there. I've been registered since halfway through my application to join the Army but have never really had any reason to post anything. I'm writing to ask about advice from anyone who has had to deal with the new system in place regarding ADSC and recruitment. I've recently (7th May) been to Glencorse and was deferred due to a knee sprain I had nearly ten years ago. I've been to the GP but the letter I had recieved from the medical examiner at ADSC was apparently "not sufficient" and didn't have enough information regarding what to be done next. I've been in touch with ADSC in regards to this to get more information and was told this information would be sent out through the post. This was nearly two weeks ago and I still don't have it. To add to this, I'm aware I would need a Doctor's advice to appeal my decision and as my Doctor is unable to actually do anything, I'm wondering if anyone out there can offer me any advice as to what to do next. I feel like I'm banging my head off a wall. It was a kick in the teeth as you can appreciate, being deferred in the first place but I've had no contact with my Recruiting Officer from Capita since prior to ADSC and obviously the recruiting office I went to can't help me anymore as everything is handled by Capita and of course it's a "medical issue".

For information regarding the deferral, there was something to do with a three month exercise diary and it's a whole year the deferral it's self. Thanks a lot in advance for anyone who posts. It's killing me not being in the Army as I've put a great deal of effort into losing a load of weight already just to get to where I was.
Cheers Tango Lima, that'll come in handy as I can't really get any help from my GP at present.
Ha! Cheers mate. I have done shit loads of exercise since spraining it anyway, including losing nearly three stone since October just to join up and I used to walk and run regularly back then aswell before putting a bit of weight on in the middle of that time. It's just annoyed the hell out of me but just read it's a common occurance to be deferred for them.
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