Knee replacement surgery

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Mar 5, 2006.

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  1. Having done a fair bit of long distance running and basketball during my career, in addition to all the normal Army stuff, it's caught up with me after 16 years.

    Suffered worsening chronic knee pain over recent years. MRI scans etc have resulted in me being permanently downgraded (still deployable to base locations) but excused BPFA / CFT for the rest of my career, to preserve what is left of my knees.

    Basically, the ligaments etc are ok but the bones have worn down and the damage is irreversible. I have been told that I will have arthritis by the time I am 40, and will require knee replacement surgery in both legs.

    Has anyone had this surgery before? Is it something you leave as late as possible, or is it something to try and get done early? I have seen some websites which seem to show two themes:

    1. They will only do one leg at a time (i.e. full recovery on one before doing the other)

    2. It can take a year or more to fully recover from each operation.

    Firstly, has anyone got first hand experience of this? The doctor suggested it would wait until I was in my 40s or 50s, but I will be very surprised if I can still climb stairs in ten years (I'm 33).

    Secondly, any thoughts on getting it done whilst still serving vs waiting till I'm out? In the NHS partnership days, I'm sure the old "Army butcher" reputation has been left behind...?
  2. leave 'em alone and bang in for a pension when you get out. i have two relatives who have had 'em done. one is great. has had no probs whatsoever post-op, the other is doped up to the eyes almost constantly with the pain from them. 40 is too young for knee replacement isn't it? the life-span of the kit is only about 10-15 years. i had my knee 'repairs' done by "Black Mac" from bmh munster. muthaf***r he was, still, his handiwork has indirectly paid for my car.
  3. Leave having it done for as long as possible - as a knee replacement only tends to last about 15 years before it has to be replaced!
    And most surgeons will only perform the operation on one knee at a time, because rehab is much slower and more complicated if both have been operated on at the same time!
    Recivery time depends on how fit you are before surgery, and your physio rehab after the surgery!
    Most knee replacements are very effective!
    PM me if you would like to know more about the rehab post surgery!
  4. lill

    'black mac' from bmh munster? wouldnt happen to be a shortish rotund scottish hammer and chisel merchant by any chance??
  5. he was a jock. can't remember what he looked like though. my op was in '87 and my memory has faded (a bit). i didn't know that was his nickname, a gal i knew from the QA's told me about his high failure rate(?) rate and nickname. i wonder how many disability pensions are attributable to him 8O
  6. totally agree, i was told by NHS that unless totally serious problems?? i wouldnt get a replacement until i was 55 at least because of the 15 year life span, and technology says it can only be done once...suggest you wait out and hope technology catches up and they come up with a better suggestion.

    not forgetting they might have bent the truth, but thats what i was told
  7. I was recommended by an ex mil ortho surgeon to take glucosamine sulphate for damage to my hip cartilage- minimum of 1500mg daily.... keep taking it regularly, do not stop. This can help conserve the damaged joint and support effects of pain relief too....but you need to give it a few months to kick in. There is a lot of info on the net if you do a search. I take it and have really noticed a difference. :)