Knee Problems

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by stu3989, Nov 23, 2007.

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  1. My son who is 15yrs old has been deperate to join the Army for the past 2 years after having been a cadet since he was 12. He recently started the recruiting process and attended serveral 'nurture' days with the Recruiting Office where he passed all the tasks that are normally ran at selection with flying colours.

    He runs the mile and a half in 9mins 10sec without pain or problems and had chosen the AAC as his career path and was really looking forward to attending Harrogate AFC.

    This week he attended his official selection and was looking forward to starting his army career when he turns 16 next week.

    Being a really fit and healthy young guy you can imagine his surprise when he was told at his medical that he was being 'deffered' for hyper extension of his right knee. He was told that as there was more than 10 degrees of extension then he could not join he Army. To say he was gutted was an understatement.

    He has been in tears for the past few days and i have have had to deal with a truly pi***d off teenager.

    Is there anyone out there that had the same problem ?

    What did they do and is there an appeal process in this type of situation?

    Or if he manages to get his knee repaired will the Army re-consider taking him on.

    Can anyone help ????
  2. a deferral is not a ban from joining

    every case is looked at on an individual basis so theres still a light at the tunnel

    you'll be given a date from when he can carry on with his application
  3. He's not being told he can't join the army, a deferral means he will have to pause his application. He will be able to continue it if this problem is fixed.
  4. Don't let him give up, tell him to keep his chin up and dig in. He will get there in the end. Good luck.
  5. Am I understanding this - his leg goes beyond straight by 10 degrees? [That sounds improbable].
  6. Update - When at the selection centre my son was told that he was being deffered and that was confirmed by phone call to myself.

    He received a letter today which does not state that he is being deffered but states

    " Unfortunately, due to the fact that i have discovered the following - Hyperextension of the right knee - you are UNFIT for enlistment into the Army"

    Is this an outright NO type of letter or does it mean that he has been deffered????
  7. Hyperextension is a sign of insatbility in a joint, the reason they say no is because army training causes too much wear and tear on the joint and it will be knackered in a couple of years - and I've seen the results.

    good news as its only one joint its probably not due to a more widespread hypermobilty problem and can probably be strengthened, take him along to a good sports physio for a second opinion and treatment.

    As for appealing and reapplying thats one for the recruiters, but its worth sorting if he's sporty anyway