knee problems!

hello everyone, i've applied to join the army about 2weeks ago. the problem is i have a very slight knee problem.

My G.P said it should definitely be ok to continue with the application process. However i applied in 2001 to join straight out of school. i knocked the knee and had fluid on the knee for a couple of weeks. because of that i had a 2year medical deferral, just because i had fluid on the knee.

My knee at the moment absolutely fine apart from its weaker on the right one than the left. I've been to the physio, she said i should be ok. but i know how th strict the army can be on these things.

I would appreciate it alot if somone could shed any light on my predictiment.
If you're for joining the infantry you may as well start with bad kness as you'll soon have them anyway.

Why has your 2 year deferment taken 5 years.
Whilst I'm not saying that your knee will be fine the odd niggle is to be expected, as is one leg being stronger than the other.
If you don't make it a problem then there shouldn't be one.
I could of applied again in jan 2003. at the time i was studying for a-levels. then afterwards got a full time job, realising 9-5 isnt the life for me. so i'm re applying. cant wait. thats if i get through. cheers
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