Knee Problem

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Mike444, Apr 21, 2005.

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  1. A guy I know who is joining the infantry in june has a problem with his left knee or so he thinks. Can anyone help him. The reason I am asking is that he is not a member. If he bends right down with all his weight then stands up you can hear a very quiet sort of cracking/grinding noise. Is this significant or is he being a little too worried about training and medical tests. Just in case you wonder what his training is he runs most days of the week, gym work 3 times a week and swimming a mile once a week.
  2. A little bit of creaking in the knees is very common, most adults have this.
    It is also not unusual to feel the odd crack now and again, this is simply due to the movement of some of the components in and around the knee.

    Tell your mate that he shouldn't worry as long as he is not experiencing any pain or instability whilst exercising. If he is experiencing pain or instability, he needs to see his Doctor / physio. It would not be the end of the world as knee problems are often easily fixed if detected early enough, and as you probably know yourself, most of us here have f*cked knees, ankles, shoulders etc. and we seem to get on alright.
    Hope this helps :D
  3. Crepitus, to use the correct term, is very common in males over the age of 25 in their weight-bearing joints, particularly if they are in jobs that have a high percentage of physically demanding labour (or they exercise a great deal). Crepitus may or may not be a sign of joint issues. As invictus pointed out any pain or patella shift whilst mobilising the joint must be investigated properly. If however it is just the odd "pop" or "crunch" and there is no reduction in ROM of joints and no lateral tracking of the patella then it is most likely a fairly benign issue which should not cause too much consternation during the medical. If, however, this is of acute onset, as opposed to having this for years with no problem, then he should get the knee checked out before june.
  4. And he should get his elbows checked also, Infanteers can spend a lot of time sweeping up, a trade normally associated with a CMT but a trade that has also been passed down the chain of evolution. Soon we will have Lab techs (sorry bio med scientists) and ODP's involved too. Then we shall achieve world domination and a reduction in the NAAFI pie queue.