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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by pp0470, Jul 20, 2011.

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  1. After a fair amount of searching I have found these and think they fit my criteria best:

    Pro Knee Pads

    My criteria is:

    Comfort & temperature (of knee under pad)
    Moderate protection (I don't like 'hard shell' pads)
    Able to wear under trousers (stay in place better & better 'look')

    Any thoughts from experience please?

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  2. Yes - depends what you want them for - they are designed for all things nautical and suit that purpose. They dont last ten minutes on dry land.
  3. You'll get issued Blackhawk ones if you're not a REMF. They're fine. If you're in Bastion then you need better ones for all the time you'll spend on your knees sucking your boss off for donuts.
  4. They are for Herrick.

    I had been looking at 661 bmx/skater knee pads but price (c.£40) & 'over engineering' made me hesitate. These, at £20, are within my price range.

    As the 661 pads are for cycling/skate boarding (lots of movement & some hard knocks) I assumed they were tough enough. The Gul ones are made of similar material.

    The listed features:

    Flexible kevlar hard wearing pads
    Double lined neoprene for durability
    Elasticated adjustable straps

    made me think they would be durable enough
  5. If you need kneepads the Blackhawk issued ones are fine.
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  6. Whilst not ruling out donuts I am expecting to be out on the ground, and on my knees a fair bit (REME VM).

    Which variety are the issued blackhawks?
  7. definately not - try some and kneel on some small stones - you'll likely damage your patella tendon which leads to all sorts of probs . Its more comfortable to be uncomfortable in the long run.
  8. Cheers - food for thought.

    Not deriding the issued kit at all (stuff I have seen is first class), just a personal preference on knee pads.

    I have tried something very similar to the Blackhawk Advanced Tactical Knee Pad and found them 'difficult' to use because:

    1. Anything worn over trousers tends to slip or is so tight it cuts off cirrculation in my experience. And they can catch on 'stuff'

    2. I don't like the 'rocking' that can happen with hard shell pads

    3. I like been aware of what my knees are in contact with through feeling

    4. Having dropped on my knees / knelt on enough nuts and bolts and survived, I think that the moderate protection of maybe 10mm of dense neoprene with kevlar cover will be ample.

  9. Over time the neoprene breaks down by being constantly punctured by small stones rocks etc. It's just not strong enough for the purpose - just my opinion btw....
  10. Twas your opinion I asked for and am grateful for it - all taken on board.

    But... again I'm thinking the kevlar covering will help preserve the neoprene....
  11. My criteria is:

    Comfort & temperature (of knee under pad) BLACKHAWKS are fine they were gucci before being issued
    Moderate protection (I don't like 'hard shell' pads) THEY WORK VERY WELL THOUGH
    Able to wear under trousers (stay in place better & better 'look') LOOK ????? ITS A SET OF KNEE PADS FFS !
    Cost ISSUED = FREE

    Any thoughts from experience please? VM's blow goats .......then go tiffy !

    lols enjoy the tour i will see ya there !!! hehehe
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  12. Nope sweat degeneration and constant movement fucks them up - think about a skateboarder falls on knees perhaps every 15-20-mins if that and then only for a second before he is back up - now think about kneeling in soft gravel every few minutes for minutes at a time....
  13. Yes, the sweat degeneration of neoprene is a concern.

    With 3 posters vouching for issue Blackhawk Advanced Tactical Knee Pads V.2 I shall give them a go.

    On other kit... the issued gloves would be my first choice anyway, that combat codpiece will give me more comfort than a pair of lucky boxers (seriously they are the most significant item of UOR imo).

    Are elbow pads issued?
  14. I use the Blackhawk ones for deerstalking (took insufficient care of my knees when younger, knee pads are for poofs etc, so now my knee joints are shot) and they're perfectly acceptable. The straps fasten on the inside of the knee and thus reduce their ability to catch on stuff. They stay attached in bramble thicket as long as I'm not walking backwards.