Knee pads

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by hogstable, Jun 1, 2009.

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  1. Not a wah, could you please reccomend what is best, cheers.
  2. You might find these appealing:

  3. Nothing worse that falling off your skateboard with no kneepads on.
  4. Won't be behind that one for sure !!!

    Basically doing fibua work etc, knees a bit achy when being knelt on hard surfaces etc, the joys of approaching 40!
  5. Blackhawk are the best in my opinion which their new V.2's.[​IMG].
  6. Correct.
  7. [hr]

    There is quite literally nothing to be changed about that picture - with the exception that I'm not there.
  8. You get them issued for Ops so dont bother.
  9. I agree but me there not you, also anyone got an i.d on this chick?
  10. Sandy Summers
  11. Gracias amigo, *goes for a tommy*.