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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by PrayingMantis, Apr 23, 2009.

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  1. i remember this subject being covered before but alas i couldn't find it

    my question is that im going on a course in may, and i had been on the course previously but due to a knee injury (not serious) i got RTU'd,

    do you think there would be much bother from the DS if i was to wear knee pads under my 95's?
    and does anyone know of or can recommend any decent but reasonably cheap knee pads

    thanks & regards

  2. Dont ask, dont tell. If you can get away with it, get away with it. Others will slate me for that comment, but then, I've been in this scenario before and was told "I'm not a MO, Im not interested, don't tell me"
  3. cheers gawanga,
    sounds good to me
  4. I've just bought these for a course coming up:
    RVops - Webtex Kneepads

    Webtex stuff, on the whole, is usually shit. But these seems very good for the price. It's padded, as opposed to plastic inserts, so they are good to move around in and provide just the right amount of support to keep your knees comfy.

    And about wearing them, I shouldn't see why there is a problem. I've seen loads of guys wear kneepads (or just one) over their 95's for exersizes and the like (FIBUA etc..)
  5. I find the 2-straps style of kneepad fall down your shins as you run. and pulling them up is a PITA.

    I've got some 'SixSixOne' BMX knee pads. They were £30 odd but I figure you only get issued kneecaps once and can't exchange them when they're screwed.

    They use an elasticated neoprene sleeve right round your leg and do up at the top and bottom. Worn them for over 24 hours without any movement. They use a carbon fibre shell and padding behind it so there really is no pain at all.

    Highly recommended. Would buy again.

  6. You could always try these:-


    And you may think I'm taking the p!ss but I swear on my kids life, I saw a soldier wearing them only last month on the ranges at Altcar.

    You do realise that once you have put them on you will probably have them on for the duration of the day/night? I can't imagine that being very comfortable....
  7. Being of advancing years, I was keen to explore any comfort items I could possibly get away with....

    Started off with some budget carpet fitters pads from B&Q. Massive, uncomfortable and elastic would always end up like a tourniquet after ten minutes.

    The WebTex elastics are too narrow and have too much give. Always end up round your ankles after any sort of movement. Padding is too thin and the shallow scalloped shape means they also tended to move around to one side of your leg as well.

    I've got some softshell Blackhawk (not from this site - first ones on Google) ones now and they're pretty good. Neoprene soft sleeves and plenty of padding. Much deeper well for the knee-cap. Wide adjusters to keep in place quite comfortably. Look a bit gash over the trousers but comfortable enough next to the skin to last all day. They still tend to wander around the leg whilst crawling though.

    I'm toying with the idea of sewing some 'pockets' into the knees of my CS95's so I can slip some padding in semi-permenently (a la some of the Septic BDU's).

    I've seen some of the hard shell ones fall to bits after a day on the ranges, let alone the rigours of FISH. They also seem to slip about on hard surfaces (roads, gravel etc) even when worn under trews, whereas the softshelled ones don't.
  8. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    Got to agree with BD these are the dogs nads,bought some similar Fox mountain biking ones for a 4 week DE course wore them under my trews everyday all day and they were top. Much better than the two strap type and didnt cut off your circulation at all.
  9. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    A bit off thread i know but im just gonna throw this out there...


    Would be a big step in the right direction and before anyone thinks i'm talking about the cam, i'm purely talking about combat trousers with an integrated knee pad. Any thoughts ?
  10. furthermore with the BMX types I mentioned, you can leave them on 24 hours a day and it doesn't change anything. they're much just like the elastic things you wear in the gym (i dont but see other people with them!) with a hard shell attached, and foam pads round the sides.
  11. Doing a fair bit of bmxing and mountain biking in my spare time i can definitely vouch for the 661 kyle strait pads (the ones the realbigdizzle posted up). I own a set that are coming on 3 years old, and have held up to plenty a beating on bikes plus (shh it never happened) helping me out when being told "take a knee" for the millionth time on ex.

    [edited to add] If you're thinking of buying a set here is a good place to start.
  12. cheers guys, im just in the middle of ordering some of those 661 kyle strait pads, managed to find a pair for £32 so happy days! :)
  13. Oi you get isseud them.
  14. i always found that indoor vollyball knee pads work, as they are just all foam and you can pick them up for about a tenner a pair, work well under trousers.

  15. with all them ladies running round in bikinis... I always assumed they were just to prevent friction burns?

    OK OK I'll take myself to the NAAFI bar...