Knee Operation - Advice Please

Following years of Army knee abuse topped off with falling out of a moving van at work whilst en-route to an emergency, I was given a bi-lateral arthroscopy on 29/8/07.

This involved a trim of the menisces on both knees and a washout and general tidy up. I'm returning to work on light duties on 22/10/07 and find that I'm still hobbling a fair bit and in some discomfort as well as having lost a fair amount of strength and smooth function in both knees/thighs.

I've been seen by the surgeon and my GP who both say that everything is progressing nicely.

OK, here's the question; Are there any exercises or useful activities that will help to bring me back up to speed and full function please?

I have full range of movement in both knees but I'm still walking like a mlaaar on roller skates!

I'm hoping to be able to get back to being able to run eventually as this is a requirement of the job (Plod... yeah, yeah I know!).

Any thoughts from all you health and fitness bods please?

Thanks in Advance :)

I recently had major surgery on my knee (I snapped the quad tendon and cruciate ligament) which was performed by one of the top blokes in the North of England. His advice, and it is working, is much as you can deal with. He reckons that the exercise strengthens the major muscles without the damaging impact of road running.

It will take time though so don`t expect instant results!

Good luck and speedy recovery, Billy
I've had two arthroscopies on the same knee. I am still able to conduct runs of variying length and speed, but have given up on the footie/rugby so that I don't aggravate the issue.

My recovery was generally walking until the knee felt stable, and then cycling and swimming (non impact). The physio dept also gave me a programme of squats and holds, as well as running in figure 8's when ready, to build the muscle and ligaments up around the knee.

I've found that cycling and swimming is the best therapy. However, my knee(s) now grind like a bastard when climbing the stairs, and I am so looking forward to a life of arthritic pain the next few years.

Occasionally my knee 'collapses' when walking, but I don;t want to go back to the quacks, as they said that there would be no cartlidge left in my knee if they did another op. :(
I had an arthroscopy about 2 years ago now and to be honest it took me about a year to get back to normal running etc. When they opened me up they found that I had a rare condition called discoid cartlidge syndrome and the surgeon said that I shouldnt really be in the Army any more. Since then however ive hammered the physio, built up my quads (this I strongly recomend) and now my run times are down to pretty much to what they used to be. I try to stick to non/low impact exercises these days such as cycling, cross trainer and I also use kettlebells (google them if you dont know what they are) which ive found to be fantastic for increasing overall fitness and strengthening the legs (i use exercises such the swing and squats amongst others). When I have to run I can but I try to do it less to save the battering on the knees.
i had a similar thing done after many years of rugby abuse. i found that early movement to swimming and then cycling ( in a gym as this is apparntly less weight bearing on your knees to start with) had got a lot of movement back in my knees. however i was still having trouble at training as it just didnt "feel right" i ended up going to a physio who said my problem was with proprioception ( i think that is the correct spelling) which is how your body reacts to the loaction 0f itself. her simple way of describing it was while they had buggered about with the knee my brain was unaware of where the joint was in relation to my ankle. i thought this was crap at first but she had me doing a month or so of balancing on wobble boards and things like that and it sorted pretty easily.
Most kind :)

I'll dig the bike out and borrow my Mum's (Really!) kettlebells. Swimming sounds good, as well.

Thaks for the thoughts, I knew I wouldn't be the only one in this position :)

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