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I have a query as to a knee injury I sustained. If this query has already been answered somewhere please forgive me and if possible point me in the right direction.

I was out hill running a week ago and was running down hill when I heard a pop immediately followed by a sharp stabbing of pain in my right knee. Obviously some reflex told me to straighten my leg and I heard another, now, familiar popping sound and another sharp stabbing of pain. This was followed by a five or six minute duration of hobbling, sitting, waiting for the pain to subside and self diagnosis as to whether my knee was broken through bending my knee etc... As I could still fully bend and flex my knee i assumed it wasn't broken although there was quite alot of pain down the inside of my knee. Naturally I grabbed a stick and hobbled my way down the mountain to the house where I applied RICE.

I spent the last week applying RICE, Deep heat, Deep Freeze anything I could to my knee. I can place weight on it and usually feel only slight pain now and again down the inside of my knee. There was no swelling and the only definite way of making pain occur, was, when pressure was placed on the inside of my knee, eg lying in the fetal position in bed.

I have been for gentle jogs the past two days and feel incredible stiffness quite quickly and some pain towards the end of 2 miles, however within 10/15 mins after stopping it seems to disappear.

My Questions are:

What has happened to me?

How can I start training again quickly?

What can I do to get my knee back to normal?

How to avoid similar things in the future?


Why don't you go to see a doctor FFS. The chances of diagnosing your problem properly without actually seeing your knee are probably less than none. The sooner you do get proper attention the better.
One of our blokes did something similar, it turn out to be the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL). He will now be out of action for up to 2 yrs, requires lots of surgery. I agree with Craftsmanx on this, get to the Doctors ASAP mate, good luck with the injury.
You need to go and see your GP or a good sports physio and get it checked out and sorted as soon as possible.


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Strike; cycling can be just as bad for knees as running, depending on what the problem is. Lots of cycling injuries are overuse related ITB type knee problems, so don't sub cycling for running if you have an undiagnosed knee issue. Go swimming in meantime if necessary, arms-only crawl.

First off - see doc pronto. Remember, internet medical advice is often bad advice.

...having said which...

If pain is on the inside (ie left side, part which faces other knee) then it is at least unlikely to be the ACL (which is inside ie internal of the knee joint itself). It could well be one of the collateral ligaments which control the side of the knee (depending on which way your knee bent), possibly the medial ligament if pain is on the left side of right knee. Did your knee bow inwards at all, or did you twist the right ankle at all on the run? These things can weaken the knee and that weakeness lead to worse injury later. Anyway, these aren't uncommon injuries on hills as much pressure is put on knee while bent when going up, and much impact stress going down. If it is a ligament tear, and you haven't noticed swelling or bruising, then hopefully it is a minor one which often recover quickly (several weeks) with rest.

Either way, you need to see a physio or sports doc to get a proper diagnosis (GPs are usually useless at sports diagnosis in my experience).

Until then, Deep Heat & Deep Freeze are fairly pointless, they just cause chemical reactions in the skin which act as an analgesic to numb pain, but do not actually heat / freeze the muscle to aid repair as ice / hot baths do. Brufen topical cream might be better for reducing swelling. However, since this is a week later, any benefit from RICE or brufen cream will likely now be gone. If you are lucky and it's just a muscle rather than ligament problem, the best route is hot bath then gentle stretching to promote bloodflow and healing.

Also, stop fecking running on it!

Thanks for the replies. I see the general consensus seems to be to see the GP . Making an appointment tomorrow.

I just wondered if a similar thing had happened to anyone else here and what the craic was?

Any chance of me doing TA recruit selection in 2 weeks?

Anything I can do to speed up recovery?




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Get some Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM tablets, available from health stores. It speeds muscle & ligament repair, used by lots of athletes, works very well for me. A doctor mate also recommends Diazepan (Valium) as a muscle relaxant, but it's a bit extreme, particularly if you don't know it is a muscle problem, and needs prescription.

Aside from that, up protein intake, keep up regular gentle stretching, and find exercise to do that avoids the area (swimming probably best bet). As for TA selection, rather depends on how much you have to do, how fast, and how fit you are at the moment. If you just have to bimble in at sub-14 minutes PFT, then you should be fine. But give the knee a rest and keep up CV through other means.
Hi Pan

Hope you have got seen today....

I agree with everything Sarastro Says. I was out running 4 weeks ago when something 'pinged' at the back of my knee and my knee gave way. Hobbled home and have been in agony since! I saw the GP after 4 days of Icing and antiinflammatories and with not being able to weight bear. I have now been referred to the orthopods.

I saw a private sports physio - I recommend you do the same. No waiting and ok it cost me £42 for the initial and then £32 for the appts after. Money well spent - although she has now told me that she can't do anything until I have an MRI!

Have a look at Medial Ligament You'll also be able to look at other knee injuries on there.

For god's sake no exercise unitl you're completely pain free - I doubt you'll do your TA selection TBH....

Good luck
I had pain in my knee when running and was running heavily on that knee. If you are not used to running then that might be the reason and make sure you have proper running shoes to. Just to be safe you should see the docter though.
didnt want to post a new thread so i thought i would post here as i have a knee issue. I was md from the re last year due to having a posterior lateral corner reconstruction. My crucitate ligaments were not repaired as there is nothing wrong with them and my knee is now as strong as it ever was. I am now looking to rejoin as civy life is gash. Can anyone tell me if this will prevent me from rejoining? I have phoned my local afco and they couldnt help me so i thought i'd ask in here
It depends on each person. someone could go and be denied another be accepted. Best way to find out is to get an application underway and attend the army medical.
Just to ask here rather then make a new thread

Did a bit of running last week (a hill sprint session tuesday and thursday after a 1.5 mile run there and then back), then a fast 5 miler saturday and a 1 hour run sunday with 6 hill sprints. At the end of the run on saturday my left knee on the outside was not happy, but no biggie.
Then after sunday it started to give me more grief (its a weird disconnected feeling almost. Like if you have some cotton connected to the leg and you can feel it moving at its extreme point if that makes any sense.)
I haven't run on it since monday morning when I had to walk back from the gym instead of running. Running there seemed ok but coming back seemed too odd for comfort.
Tuesday I did some rowing and cycling instead and it seemed fine and yesterday was thai so it didn't get that aggrevated then.

I have asics and maybe 75% of my run time is on concrete.

Any ideas (other then rest and maybe some cissus/msn)?

edit- its not seriious enough to go to the dr. If it was I'd be booked it.
Its more like one of those things that if it doesn't get nipped in the budd now, it will get worse
Both of you sound like you are ignoring a vital part of exercise which is flexibility and stretching.
Scoff but it caused me problems galore.
Panoptes get yourself to the quack now.
Ian start stretching.
Want some ideas PM me.
TopChick said:
Ian, does this sound familiar? Illotibial Band Syndrome

There are prob some stretching exercises you can do but I know a lot of runners swear by sports massage for it.
Sorry for the lateness of the response, I've been away from a internet connection.

It does indeed sound familiar.

I'll have to go down the stretching route because these days I have to rent a pot to piss it.

PM away Dwarf
Panoptes said:
Any chance of me doing TA recruit selection in 2 weeks?

Anything I can do to speed up recovery?


ON NO ACCOUNT try for recruit selection if you are unfit or carrying an injury. You will be asked to declare your fitness on arrival and if you injure yourself further you could be out for good.
Went to the doc today,

Told him everything. He seems to think I might have simply overstretched my LCL. He said that as I had not run on it or pressured it for a while, and because I'd no pain that it was probably all but fully healed. I've had Osgood Schlatters in the past so my knees kinda click sometimes but its nothing to worry about he said. He gave me this stuff called Difflam (trade name) it's a thick white cream you apply and it lower inflammation. He said I could start running again as well. (Which is good because I had already been running for a week without any problems apart from still being slow as f@*k!)



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