Knee issue

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Panoptes, May 10, 2009.

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  1. Evening gents and ladies,

    Please bear with me as I explain my situation.

    Three weeks ago I slipped on wet floor (no this is not an add for Claims Direct). During this time my knee was violently twisted and my knee cap popped out of its socket and moved around to the side of my knee. When I straightened my leg, it returned, however with that came ALOT of pain.

    I went to the doctors immediatly and he tested that I could straighten my leg (push down with it) and bend it. Hence he ruled out a breakage. However I was given a compression bandage to wear. I dutifully wore it for a week and then took it off. There was intense swelling (twice normal size) but now it it nearly back to normal, still slight swelling on the inner side of the knee.

    I now however feel tightness in the lower right portion of my quad especially when sitting down or standing up (as I execute the motion it grows in intensity then suddenly (like popping a balloon) it stops). I can bend my leg and can nearly do a quad stretch without too much pain. I still cannot fully lock it out.

    Bear in mind I have been to the doctors already.

    I believe it may be a minor meniscus tear.

    My questions for you fine people are these:

    i) Has anyone experienced this before (both inside and outside the military community)?
    ii) Does anyone have any recovery tips or recvoery times (I was reasonably fit beforehand)?
    iii) How will this affect my future army career (I'm in the TA at the moment, have done a fair amount of training thus far, and am hoping to do Main Board, in June, with the goal of attending Summer Leader 2009 and RMAS in Sept).
    iv) Any other helpful/insightful commetns would be much appreciated.

    Thanks for reading and I welcome your feedback.

  2. i)Yes, when fencing. Left kne striking floor and spinning knee-cap round 90degrees
    iii)not in the slightest if you abide by answer ii)
    iv)if your knee is not recovering super quick, and you are not too old, leave it for 6 months or else you're jiggered
  3. It also feels kind of tight (as in takes a little more effort than usual to move it both ways). Is that normal during the healing process? Will this go away?


  4. It did for me mate, but I may have had an entirely different injury. Get yourself checked by a physio, and in the meantime, ice it and elavate.
  6. Any muscle/bone injury needs rest ice compression and elevation. We're talking civvy street here.

    Once it's bandaged/plastered (in a stooky) etc keep the fekker WARM!!!

    You may not be able to move it as you have before/think you should be able to etc.


    Just leave it. The old saying time heals is oh so very true. Having the patience to go through this is the real test.

    9 times out of 10 we feck it up because we're impatient and try to push it on a bit.


    Exercise your brain instead. Read, watch dvd's, surf the net etc..

    Over the years I have had some woefull injuries so I know. :D

    And at the moment my right ankle is in plaster as I broke it tripping over my new dog four weeks ago. Oh the temptation to play Hop Scotch is unbelievable (a game I've never played in my life, my sisters did though).

    The only consolation is when I kick that bastirt dog (love the mutt really), it hurts him more than me....

    Patience is a virtue they say, but it's also a pain in the arrse.

    Patience though...
  7. Hitman..

    I see by your sig block you're going 2 Scots?? WTF??????

    Your sig block should read 5 Scots FFs. A&SH all the way!!!

    Nah. Good luck in the RRS neebor!!! :D :D
  8. Some advice from a partically qualified doctor:

    95% of doctors don't know anything about sports/musculoskeletal injuries. You have what could be a fairly serious problem, so go see a physio (just go, not via your doctor) and ignore everything anyone else says.
  9. Kiiinda similar injury, fell and smashed my kneecap on the floor, didn't notice at the time, by the end of day couldn't get upstairs without using the handrail, standing/sitting very painful and getting up from kneeling also painful. Being sent to a physio for what turns out to be my right kneecap being pushed too far to the right so all the transitional forces going through my muscle/bone structure aren't going the right way as I understand leading to the pain I feel.

    Apparently a course of physio should see some results after 2 weeks but can take 6 at a minimum. After looking at the medical PDFs in the joining up forum, as long as you haven't had anything invasive done on your knee then you're more or less OK.