Knee is f*cked, so what to do?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Walther, Jul 2, 2005.

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  1. So I just got the news from my doc that my left knee, which has lately been acting up during running (too painfull after ten minutes running), is worn out at the back of the knee cap (when he stretched it against resistance there was a clear clicking inside). Any idea for other execise to stay in shape? He suggested cycling as it doesn't put as much stress on the knee joint as running. Well I'm going to see an orthopaedist this monday and see what he suggests.

  2. Another bone post.
  3. Lots of physio, and perhaps an operation to scrape scar tissue from the inside of the knee cap.
  4. My advice would be to get it operated on ASAP. I tore my knee cartilige last August but messed about with it until Chrimbo thinking it was a pulled muscle or strained ligament........daft.

    I eventually had a section of cartilige removed in March this year and was told that my knee would be only 80-90% of what it was before. Getting back running has been slower than I would like but I'm getting there. I vary my running distances from 3.5 to 6.5 miles but avg 10 to 15 miles a week now........the doc was right BTW the knee is about 80% of what it was but its not all doom and gloom.
  5. Try swimming too?
  6. My knee left clicks a bit and stiffens up when running, my GP was a bit negative (as was my MO when I was in the Regs)and said I might just have to accept that I was buggered. I wanted a second opinion so I went private (Company healthcare - i'm not fecking made of money!)and got referred to a specialist in lower leg injuries, it turns out that I have a combination of flat feet and a weak VMO muscle (top of the knee part of your thigh quads). It was diagnosed after walking infront of the specialist 3 or 4 times. Now undergoing physio and waiting for some prescription insoles to correct my flat feet. Prognosis is pretty good and no surgery needed...
    In the mean time I cycle and swim and use low impact cardio stuff in the gym..
  7. I was at the orthopaedist, but have to wait a few days to get an appointment. My GP told me to rest the leg for a while. I considered swimming, but there is no decent swimming pool around here, only those 20 meter "fun baths" full of splashing kids and floating retiree "drifting mines".
    I've heard that, as long as the bone itself hasn't been damaged, the cartilage can recover, given some rest.

  8. Got it checked by the specialist, a little wear and irritation, but he says that getting the quadriceps stronger (reduces load on the knee cap) plus some ultrasonic therapy should do the job. :)

  9. Walther,
    also get your feet checked out by a podiatrist, you may well be running with a crazy ankle which causes the knee to 'track' wrongly as you run. This will cause the back of the knee cap to abraid (oh yes indeed) slightly against the edge of your tibia or femur and over the years the cartilage gets ridged and eventually splits into tiny cracks and degenerates - sounds grim and it is, especially as cartilage is pretty inert stuff and dosn't mend quickly. Shovel in a load of glucosamine tablets to support what cartilage you have left and take it bloody easy for years. Unloaded exercise is the way forward so get use to dodging the warm patches in the pool close to the fat boy with a smug grin on his face.

    Worked for me.
  10. I did not see any problems comming and after years of backpacking in odd places I have ended up having surgery twice on the left knee, the last to replace the complete knee and to be honest it is a bastard. Anyone with any knee trouble get it sorted out quick and as early as possible.
  11. All, I have a similar f**ked issue but with an ankle. It doesn't look as though my turn in the queue with the Army/NHS system will come around until December. Does any one know of a good Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon who may be able to do it faster? Personal recommendation as a result of a succesful Op would be appreciated. Many Thanks.
  12. Pull a water pistol on a tube cop.
  13. Hop a lot!
  14. Seen a consultant with this same problem several months ago. Have now been doing exercises to strengthen the VMO for several months following referral to physio at local hospital.

    Attend a knee workshop once a week where they work on strengthening the knee and this has resulted in a stronger VMO but now get clicking on the knee and the wear on the kneecap has not gone away. I believe even with VMO work that I will need a tidy up of the back of the kneecap to put me right.

    Exercise - breaststroke is not recommended due to pain from leg kick. Can do it with arms only I guess.

    I found that a crosstrainer has been the best for me as I do not need to get the full knee bend as with other exercise and keeps the CV work going. Stick with weights, exercise etc of your choice for upper body toning.
  15. Try glucosamine sulphate from any health shop - i was told that i was injured beyond repair but am know back to sport after 3 months of self medicating