knee injury

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by jasmin, Jan 27, 2009.

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  1. right well i have been doing my training and im hoping to get my date for april to go to pirbright, the thing is yesterday i was at the gym running away and doing well but today i have a funny feeling in my knee.

    Its not sore its more like uncomfortable feeling. right behind the knee cap. any suggestios whats this might be and how to prevent it from ruining my training?
  2. heres a few questions:

    have you been doin alot of running on the treadmill??
    are your trainers any good??
    have you been carrying any weights on your runs out of the gym??
  3. i run for about 20 minutes on the treadmill then 15 on the cross trainer and 15 on the bike doing different resistance etc nothing much, every other day.

    Trainers are nike running trainers

    no weights on runs no.
  4. Does it feel like something is attached to your leg and floating around?
    I know you said it was behind the knee cap, but is it to the outside of your knee?
  5. yes its like just right behind the knee cap it doesnt feel deep within the knee or anything? and yes it feels like something is loose or something
  6. does the pain occur everytime your foot makes contact with the 'ground' or is it constant?
  7. no it isnt sore when im running not yet anyway, at the minute it is just constantly niggling, not sore just like a need to more it for someting is stuck?
  8. how long you been training for??
  9. Regardless of what it is (I'm not qualified enough to give you a diagnosis!) give it a rest for a couple of days and see how it feels. That won't affect your training too much and is far more beneficial in the long run, the last thing you want is to make it worse and be out for months.
    Always look after your knees, they can be barstewards once they go.
  10. fcuk, a sensible sapper or supposedly! take his advice...

    he aint jokin either, look after your knees. My RH knee has been fcuked for the last 9 years, but with a little TLC over the last 6 months i'm running fine. Take a break, it wont kill you. You might still be able to do somethin else in the gym, I had a bit of a blip before christmas and just went swimming instead, I was so bad I could hardley walk in the mornings

    best of luck
  11. I had the same after I upped milage too quickly and ran downhill after hill sprints instead of jogging.

    I ended up taking 2 months off. I took a week off, went straight back into it and it came back 3rd session in.

    I started doing more ass to grass squats and bought new shoes.
    So far so good, but my milage isn't as high as it used to be. More 400's at the moment.
  12. Every few months this comes up. try search

    STRETCHING, bet you don't, or not nearly enough. I have a recurring problem but control it with stretching and yoga (doctor's recommendation) and yes I am an old bugger.

    Want to know more Pm me.
  13. Yep SB, but only supposedly...oh and a female at that!

    Swimming is a very good idea, keeps up the cardio but puts none of the strain on the joints.
  14. fcuk, a supposedly, sensible, female sapper! :mrgreen:
  15. ok so ill try stretching alot more, im gettin glocosimine or something you call them reccomended by a nurse for joints and all.

    more swimming also. thanks