Knee injury nightmare

Hi guys,

I injured my knee on an annual CFT (bootneck version) and tore my miniscus cartilage in early july last year.
Have had 2 lots of surgery already, all to no avail, and am looking at a 3rd op and an automatic med board for being P7RD when the year year is up.
Long term prognosis isnt good at all, degenerative changes in knee, arthritis and two large chunks of cartilage now missing.

What i need to know is, firstly, how does this affect my Armed Forces Compensation Scheme claim? I have done 10 years and am a full corporal and im looking to stay in for as long as i can and i have heard that if i accept a settlement now then i cannot re-address it later on if my knee gets worse, or i cant get promotion, or if i get medically discharged. is this true at all?

I would also appreciate if anyone could let me know roughly what i would get if i was forced to take a medical discharge.


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