Knee cracks when running

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by stejones, Aug 12, 2011.

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  1. Hi

    Im trying to get fitter before i actually apply for the army, while i was on the cross trainier my knee started cracking and ever since it hasnt stopped. It isnt painful but i can feel it move whilst walking

    any had this expirence? don.t want to go to GP incase it could mess up my application

  2. Could be perfectly normal but my online healing hands and X ray fingers are being re-calibrated by an outside contractor.
    See your GP and ask them if it's ok.
  3. Haha didn't mean to say what is it, i was wondering if any had a similar problem and thanks for answering, i will do
  4. See a physio.
  5. Because a joint makes noise doesn't mean it's a problem a GP or Physio would be able to examine and check the stability of the joint.
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  6. Ive hear about you, your a good runner aren't you?;) Wont even mention ping pong
  7. Look never insert anything that you aren't 100% sure you can get out. Ping pong balls are really hard to remove.
  8. Mine do the same, the quack told me it's nothing to worry about, it just happens to some people.
  9. HAHA didn't even think about that ;)
  10. Too late sunshine, get to a&e say you sat on them or some other lame excuse. Stick to root veg in future.
  11. Ha on a serious note, would it help me in any way taking joint support vitamins, ive had a look round the site and seen you hate supplements but i mean traditional vitamins
  12. Healthy balanced diet should provide all you need. I don't so much hate supplements but it's often a waste of money that could be spent on real food. You can only store certain vitamins, take extra you just piss and shit them out.
  13. Mine did that as a teenager and I had full blown arthritis at 20.

    Hope that helps...
  14. Cod liver it is then and ive sorted my diet out now and exercise, ive took up swimming as it isnt as violent on the knee as running
  15. its probably early stages of a malignent tumour. one of my mates had one, wasn't allowed to join. dead 6 months later. cracking knees, a sure sign of something very serious.
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