knee cracking

Conman just rest up for the running around for a few days, if that does'nt sort it out go and see the Doc
freeway said:
Conman just rest up for the running around for a few days, if that does'nt sort it out go and see the Doc
:D Try the local witch doctor , seems stinging nettles help the blood flow :D
At your age it is probably that Osgood-Schlatter's thing, which will go away, but see the doc.

That said, look after your knees; knackered knees are a ballache.
Get it looked at, had the same problem at your age with my right knee, it also used to "lock out" allot which was rather painful. Eventually when i was 24 the cruciate snapped on a rapid decent of a nice hill in Long Valley. Having said that there is now no prob's and don't notice the absence of said ligament.
Knee cracking.. Arthuritis.. not really related. Sounds like dodgey knee caps, Osgood Schlatters as said, when some part grows too fast or something. Sorted with a good ole spurt :)
Could be the tendons snapping across the joints?

Either way take the general advice and get to the doc. Only thing to consider, is most GP's fix colds, not musculo-skeletal injuries so if you are even remotely unhappy with what the doc says, seek someone else out, like a physio.
Get it seen to, quick. Clicking and crunching usually shows cartrilidge damage, I think.

Osgoods Schlatters is easily identifiable because under your kneecap you will have a lovley big bump, do you have this? If you answered yes then you probaly have osgoods schlatters, which goes when you have grown up, either way get itseen too.
If it is happening a lot & is painful - GO TO YOUR GP & GET A REFERRAL TO AN ORTHOPETIC SURGEON!!! (I wish I had when I was your age!!) also I'd advise you to keep a diary of what your doing (eg exercise types etc), when you get the pain & where it is - it will help the GP & Surgeon.
conman said:
if it is Osgoods Schlatters how long does it take to go away
Like I said once you have finished growing, but in rare cases Osgoods lasts in to adulthood and never goes away. So it might be until your 20 or 99 you'll just have to wait and find out.
As 5.56 says, basically when the other bits catch up or sometimes never.

Best bet though, go and see your quack and get referred to a specialist who'll give you the professional informed answer.

You may be stressing over nothing.

Edited cos I missed page two, what a mong!
conman said:
i hope it goes away soon because i want to join the army
It should be gone by then, get your ass down to a doctors because cracking and crunching can indicate cartrilidge damage, and if you have this your stuffed.

Go to a doctors and keep us posted.
Before i go to the doctors can someone please tell me that if you have osgood schlatter is the bump big, because i cant see a bump but i can feel a small bump just under my knee.

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