Knee Arthroscopy

Anybody have first hand experience of this surgery? How long does it take to recover enough to get back into training?

I've read somewhere on the forums that its a not uncommon proceedure for forces members as knee injury is a common problem.
Had it done in Feb 05 via the works private scheme, its basically an open up and look see procedure. I was done and dusted in under an hour, kept in for the day which is SOP's and was off work for three days after that.

It took 6 months to get back to anything like the distances I was running before hand, but I'm averaging 15 miles a week now and its holding up OK.
I had it done last year too - had my meniscus resected and some debris removed at the same time too.

In and out of the hospital on the same day and was able to walk home - was driving a car within a couple of days.

The surgeon had said I'd be back to sport within 4 - 6 weeks but I reckon they always underestimate it to 'sell' the operation to you. It took me 10 - 12 weeks to be able to start playing sport again. I found I was able to play zero sport until then - not even light swimming or non-knee sports. In fact for most of the 10 weeks I used to get pain if I walked for more than 20 minutes.

However its 100% fine now - was definitely worth getting done. Playing sport prior to the operation was a pain in the arrse.

I'd advise you to make sure you have a good physio/surgeon and DO WHAT YOU ARE TOLD. I think a lot of people have problems cause they don't excercise their quadriceps when laid up and then suffer later on. Also, I found taking glucosamine and chondrictin supplements helped. Finally, play up the pain when you are at home. There is very little pain but its a great opportunity to get your family to wait on you. I found a groan and grimace every couple of hours worked wonders.

Had an arthroscopy done - anterior cruciate torn so needed a bit of work. Six weeks of physio later I ran and passed a BFT along with the biffs. Only got a 10 minute time but felt good beating scrotes in who had nothing wrong but pie addiction. Found out there were plans to bin me from the army as I was downgraded and still in phase 2 training so they were going to cut their losses!

I have never failed a BFT etc! So then I pointed out that how could I be binned when I could do the mandatory requirements?

Back to the thread; I was back doing regular PT including CFT's etc 6 weeks post op but found out that because I started back too quickly I had too much lateral movement and I was gradually wearing away the the cartilege and now a few years later have quite a bit of pain and problems. This was a contributing factor to my leaving the army. There was a real or perceived impression that anyone on a biff chit was slacking or malingering, even amongst peers who knew what had happened. Even a few years later. I therefore wouldn't get it looked at at the med centre. Be stronger than I was and make sure you are 100% instead of cracking on to keep your oppo's schtum.

So yes 6 weeks is possible to get 'back on the horse' but from my own experience I'd say give yourself a bit longer.
Thanks for the replies everybody.

At the moment I've got a loud clicking coming from beneath my left knee cap almost every time I extend my leg. No proper pain but the knee doesn't 'feel' right either. I have had pain and stiffness in it in the past but some self physio seemed to sort it out. Since I started jogging though the clicking has become very noticeable, not while jogging just after sitting for a while.

Hopefully all the knee will need is some physio and strengthening excercises and not surgery as by the time I get the op done it will be too close to the start of selection to put the knee under any strain as well as the training time lost.

Another question: Has anybody found any benefit in going to a Chiropractor with their knee problem?
Well i am still in a cast from having knee surgery , you have to get it sorted now .
I didnt and it screwed up my career big time , and i have had a sh@t load of other complications due to
not getting it sorted . Sounds like your patella has shifted , pm me with any ???? i am a bit of an expert on the
subject now , at my own expense .
Laury I have had 3 Knee Arthroscopy's one ACL reconstruction and and an ACL repair it all depends on what they find when they look inside if its just a tear you will be up and about within a 3 days to a week as for training it all depends on your own healing process could be anything from 4 to 6 weeks.
To keep in shape try some training that wont impact on your knee such as swimming maybe a bit of cycling but dont over do it or you might screw up your career like me and Pave way
If it is bad enough for the 'docs' to say it needs doing...have it done! As 'paveway' says, leave it and you are storing up big shit for the future!!
Recovery time, for me, about 3 months to 98% fitness.

I was doing a lot of tabbing , my cross country route made me do about 4 miles
on a road before i hit cross country , my knees where getting sore but i ignored it .
I then had a game of rugby october last year in which i had to come off with pain
on the side of my right knee . The doctor on the side line said i had torn my cartlidge
I went sick the next day , and had x-rays MRI etc etc . The doctor told me to
wear a cast and stick on crutches for about 6 weeks .
The regiment was taking part in a major exercise in Bavaria, so i binned my
cast and crutches and went on the 3 week long exercise .I was in pain on the exercise
and i asked to see the doc , anyway the doc was miles away so i cracked on . Right after the
exercise i went sick due to the pain , went for the X-ray and MRI .The results were shocking
and through my own stupidity i had to undergo -keyhole surgery remove a build up of tissue
caused by excessive training with weight , that took 4 weeks to recover from , and i was
discharged from hospital 3 days ago after having my femur moved 1 cm and reattached with screws
a cartledge transplant from the left hand side of my right knee to th right hand side and i have had
some ligaments sliced to allow the slack to ''reposition '' my patella .
The up shot of all of this is not acting upon the first minor''sore knee'' injury .I rushed back to get
back to work for the exercise and i had no way near recovered . Now i am in plaster for 3 weeks
i attend painful physio 3 times a week , and i have missed loads of training at work prior to
an operational tour . I will be late joining my unit on operations . The whole thing knee injury is linked
to that one macho mistake . The funny thing was that my OC said i had a ''pathetic limp'' whilst i was
on the exercise , i wish he could see my scars and stitches now . Get it sorted now mate . It has
ruined my chances in a dream career , and slowed my promotion prospects . I hope you act now
to avoid the same from happening to you .

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