Knackered wrist

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by crescent, Mar 22, 2007.

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  1. Mornin'!

    Back in July 06 I was in a bike crash with a lovely individual who didn't even stop, anyhoo...

    I didn't break my wrist but I ended up with severed something or others, and massive soft tissue trauma. Thankfuly it's all fixed now, but I still get a clicking and pain in the wrist sometimes, and it's definately weaker than the right one.

    So, was wondering if anyone knew of anyhting to help strengthen my bad wrist?

    Yeah, other than that... :thumright:

  2. I fund push ups hardest after I broke mine. I though it was fixed until I started training again recently. I think along with the ankle it's one of the most difficult joints to heal. Doubt mine will ever be the same again.

    Clenching a rubber ball or similar is one of the main exercises. Pull ups would strengthen it too I imagine.

    Get advice from your physio or GP before doing anything drastic though.
  3. Depending on pain it's probably best to star off hammering endurance as opposed to strength. Full on press ups/pull ups may be a tad too strong for the mo?

    As said the wrist is a right old mess of bones, ligaments, tendons and muscle so after rupturing god knows what there will be no surprise to a little more of something you didnt have before.


    Towel wrings - imagine wringing a towel out in both directions
    Wrist flexion/extensions -hang wrist over knee holding tin of beans etc and flex/extend wrist
    Pro/Supination - holding weight - turn it upside down slowly

    Loads of others but low weight high rep to start before adding serious weight

    Loads of exs on web but definately seek physio help to determine best specific exs for YOUR specific injuries.

    Hope it help and good luck

    Ps could try wanking more??
  4. Thanks guys.

    Called my physio this morning and spoke to the therapist I was seeing back end of last year, suggested I "go and ask the Army because they'll know what they want you to do"

    Not Helpful Service

    Will do what you suggested, got my 1st interview in a week and then the fitness assesment so I need to get it sorted asap.


    PS - already did, doesn't work, fun trying though :thumright:
  5. hi pal one of the lads i used to train with knackered his wrists therefore found it very difficult to do press ups. he is a fitness instructor so worked on loads of ways to build up the strength!! basically rather than doing press ups palms and fingers in cotact with the ground he did them on his knuckles something to do with stretching the already tender miscles in the wrist made it worse it depends on the injury though dont know if this is of any use but worth a try
  6. check out *generic online shops* for somthing called a powerball. Its a Gyro thingymahjig, you rev it up and the centre starts rotating inside causeing the ball to feel like its going to spin right off out of your hand, you have to use constant and altering grip intensity to hold on to it. It has a range of uses, most people just buy them as the unessesary gadget that will get used once and left under their bed.

    Apparently it increases wrist stregth. Can be used in a high intensity fast spin way to build forarm and wrist stregth, or can be used in a gentle slower motion for rehab style exercises. You can usually pick one up for about 15 quid.
  7. I second that. Those things are brilliant. Other than that you could try doing variations of forearm curls with light barbells to strengthen the supporting muscles? (Disclaimer: I am no expert).

    Avoid press ups for a while. I hurt mine a couple of months ago and press ups made it much worse.

  8. I wouldn't get too locked into this. It way well just be gristle from the injury. The best way is to test it with exercises and compare it to your other wrist. If it works fine, then no probs. I joined up with a similar problem but to be honest with you t never caused me any issues.

    Byetheway: Your physio is right. If the Army say its fine then its a green light of confidence that you should be able to undergo and pass your basic training with it.


  9. Thanks again to all else who have replied!

    I'll certainly take it under suggestion and look for one of those balls.

    StevenPreece - aye cheers for that. I mean it's not so much a debilitating pain or anything, just f'ing annoying pain and then the worry that I'm doing it more damage.

    One thing I learned in July: wrists can go into all sorts of funny shapes when things get torn and severed :shakefist:
  10. With regard to press-ups, it is probably best if you build up to the real thing, concentrating on endurance.

    I have had a few operations on my wrist- hopefully all fixed now. The clenched fists definately helps.

    When I tried to do a press-up, no chance, was all wobbly on one side and basically fell to the floor. Best advice is to 'press-up' against a vertical wall. Do lots and lots to build up the strength. It is not about building muscle here, but endurance.

    Then move on to the stairs, seriously. Press up from the bottom of the stairs, almost veritcal and gradually move down steps from day to day/week to week. You should be able to do about 20 at a time. Do about three or four sets.

    Not the perfect answer I know, but it worked for me! :thumleft:
  11. Power ball

    I'm thinking of getting one due to having very thin/weak wrists.
  12. Loads of w*nking will have it strengthened in no time!!

    Joking...Try the power balls, or alternativly look at some of the rock climbing wrist and arm strengtheners in various outdoor pursuits shops...I know Cotswold do some good stuff!
  13. believe it or not - years ago when I were a lad, I screwed up my wrist playing rugby. I was told by my coach that I should get a tennis ball place it against the wall and then with my palm flat try and write my name, needless to say, I had to do lots of different shapes, rotating my wrist in lots of different ways and in no time my wrist is okay.

    As with all joints do it gently and you'll build on it and you should be okay.

    Let me know if it works..
  14. Forgot to say, apply different pressures i.e the faster you write the more pressure you should be applying.
  15. Cheers for that, am already doing some some of what's been suggested - thanks for the help!

    (Realises the ambiguity of that statement)