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Kn@b head range officer.

Just goes to show what the people of certain nations actually deem to be professional and relevant training when in actual fact it is a bag of boll@cks.
I suppose its just his way of trying to put distraction into the mix, the lad on the receiving didn't seem upset.
Not sure about the safety aspects though.
The amount of muzzle flash from the instructors AK suggested the hollywood type of flashpowder loaded blanks. It did look a bit as though he had rounds hitting the ground but it could have just been dust lifted by the blank.

It all looked boll ocks though
Hmmm. That does look like blanks/hollywood ammo. The man is still evidently a complete tool. That the firer doesnt appear too phased would suggest this is standard practice.


Book Reviewer
Is this the throbber thread? Are we going to post up loads of vids of people being complete fcuking c0cks then?

Video one: There's a man who desperately needs fragging.
Video two: There's 3 men who definately want a good 'talking to' before being shipped off to the glasshouse for being d!cks and putting it on video for the scum to publish.

Vid 1 - what a complete and utter tawt. He needs a fcuking good shoeing, and once you've beaten him to within an inch of his life hand those three muppets from Vid 2 over to him so he can vent his anger on them.......justice served all around....oh no, I forgot, black bag the Vid 1 priick, drive him off into the countryside and subject him to mental torture with a cold gun barrel - we can also run a sweepstake on how long it takes him to pi55 himself!! The guy's obviously a Grade A schoolyard bully who needs a taste of his own medicine.
dance_with_the_devil said:
By the sounds of it hes South African.. :?

Maybe a throbber from a C.P. contingent....Aegis, or similar company.

Whatever he needs to brush up on his inter personal skills.. :wink:
Just don't forget, we're not all wankers. Except our cricket team, they are.

Vid 1 - Chopper of the highest order. Fcuking tin-pot nations and their ideas on training :roll:

Mind you, I've noticed that the British Army have employed a Spanish bloke to run some of the ranges in Brecon??

At least that's what I assumed when I saw the sign the other day - "Senior Range Warden"

and as for Vid 2 - how the fcuk did they get those "Scottish Sun" labels to stay on?
I found Vid 1 quite amusing and was just waiting for the shooter to accidentally drop the 'instructor' with a head shot a la Starship Troopers as he was being flung around the range.

Sadly it didn't happen :-(
that range is the 25meter range at the Baghdad Police College and the Kn@b head running that shoot is from a firm called rheed security there range saftey is appaling and every time i saw them there they just drove up (the road runs right behind the firing point) got out of there vehicles and blast away dont even put targets up