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Klepper kayaks

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by dogs_bollox, Apr 23, 2008.

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  1. Looking for photos of Klepper canoes please. Also info on mods to make them even better.
    Always looking out for Kleppers double and single seaters and parts. So if you have one you wanna sell, or parts surplus to requirements, please get in touch. PM me to get my e-mail.
    If you don't know what one is then don't bother asking :D

  2. Looks like I'm gonna have to go talk to the Bootnecks ........ :oops:
  3. After they tell you, they'll kill ya
  4. Death I can deal with. :D It's the 'other things' they do to each other as well as to other people that really scares me :wink:

  5. pm sent
  6. :D :D :D
    That would be perfect IF you could make all your kit transparent :p

  7. You da man Deputy, you da man !! :)

    I'd be more of an elephant seal than a grey seal. :cry: I'm twice the man I once was but none of it's good :cry: :cry:
  8. How the feck did you find my passport photo ??
    I have to travel this way - incognito - otherwise women keep chasing me around and ripping my clothes off and forcing me to have my wicked way with them :D :D :D As you can now see, thanks to Deputy, there is enough of me to go around !

  9. Are these any good to you?




  10. as long as you stand at the top of a dune you can lob rocks at them all day long they can't climb at all though they get really pissed off.
    as the unfortunate Norwegian film crew found out :twisted:
    * Obviously no members of hmaf would spend there time needlessly provoking wild animals as that would be cruel and stupid
  11. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    While Kleppers are great once on the manzi, otherwise they're 35 kgs* of rondvok which can 'easily' be stuffed into two 'man packable' bags that are each, in different ways, just as impossible to get in/on your bergan.

    Do you use them for fun ?

    * prior to filling with water.
  12. ........or these





  13. I want one to go touring with my son now he's big enough to paddle his weight (and hopefully mine as long as he doesn't look behind him :lol: ) AND I think that they look as ally as fook. Like my missus, they look great, are high maintenance and can take an awful lot of sh*t before they try to kill you :wink:
    I hope shes not looking :?

  14. Here are some user facts that might help.
    They were only made in green or blue until a few years ago. They weigh 120lbs all up so if you split it for trekking etc expect you ( or even worse ) your son to be carrying about 60 lbs each on top of whatever else you have. Klepper made a mast/sail kit foir them too if you find yourself lucky enough to have a favourable breeze.
    New they are nice and tight and all the fittings are flush but with time some of the bits become worn or loose but once you blow the side air bags up you will be unsinkable ( almost). Klepper have a website.
    They used to cost ( bout 8 years ago) approx £1500 so expect to pay out way more than some of the inflatable ( proper exploring )ones that you see on ebay etc.
    Expect to atke approx 30 mins between the two of you to put it together once you have it sussed, expect to take all day when you dont ! At a push can be put together on your own but slow and frustrating.
  15. Cheers Balloonhead. What you've said pretty much ties in with what I already understood but 'Ally' is as 'Ally' does (screw efficiency) and I would be quite happy to put up with all the agro' to have one of those babies ! 8) I also like the concept of them and since the touring would be mostly car supported or rail and taxi, it's not a bad way to get about.
    I don't expect to get one on the cheap, just getting the chance to get one would be good.