KKK rally at US Civil War Battlefield

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by YankMarine, Apr 27, 2006.

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  1. I just read in the news this morning that the Ku Klux Klan is planning a rally at the Antietam National Battlefield in Sharpsburg, MD. This battle marked the bloodiest single day in the American civil war, with 23,000 killed, wounded or missing. It was also the first to end without a clear southern victory (stalemate). Shortly after, president Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, abolishing slavery.

    Now these mutts' right to assemble is protected under the constitution, but should they be allowed to do it at a place like that? To many, this is sacred ground.

    I was wondering what other multinational hq users thought of this? Is this what we, and all of our predecessors fought for?
    Just curious. (no link as of yet, sorry)
  2. Not condoning this act but I seem to recall that the KKK were present in some form at the battle, thier arguement could be based on being part of anorganisation that had a role in the action.

    I am running off memory BTW and need someone to back up or contradict
  3. Constitutional right to make a complete tw@t of yourself in public, right to assembly, etc. etc. All in place.

    I suppose (because I am cursed to forever see two sides to an argument :roll:) that they're honoring what they see as a turning point in their charming version of history. You know, the one where the North should have lost the war and the Fedr'l gubmint should have left them to buy and sell human flesh in peace. As wrongheaded as it seems, it's their interpretation of events. So I understand why they'd choose to protest there.

    The KKK are obviously trying to honor the lives of the Confederate soldiers; the lives of the thousands of men sacrificed to save the Union are probably irrelevant to them. So I think a counter-protest of ex- or serving American military would be an excellent way to represent the casualties of the restored Union...let these bungholes see what real patriotism looks like.

    I wonder if any of the Tuskegee airmen are around to speak at a rally?

    Edited because maybe "celebrate" was the wrong word...
  4. The KKK was formed after the Civil War (or 'War of Northern Aggression' as some of my Southern friends would call it) as a response to Reconstruction efforts by the North. But of course most of the founding members were Confederate vets.
  5. Great idea, or maybe someone from the Buffalo Soldiers or a black civil war reenactors unit like the 22nd US Colored Troops Infantry Regiment.
  6. Interesting issue.. Is not the Battlefield a Federal Reserve? National Parks Service or something?.. I would think that the Government could deny/limit its use on the basis of ' preserving' the site or preventing the possibility of the ' peaceful demonstration' getting out of hand and damaging public property.. I recall some bit back a large re-enactment event was dneied use of the ' original battlkefield ' at one such place on the basis that their ' acitivity' would cause damage to the preserve/park..

    still, the US law allows for peaceful demonstrations by any group holding any ' political ' view.. If the local/regional/national authorities issue the requisite certificates then what's the problem? let them go and have thier picnic.. doesn't mean that the press or anyone else has to pay any attention to them playing frisbee in their pointy hats or three-legged races in their robes...
  7. how many guns in your country and these kunts still walking around ? :lol:
  8. Interesting i stand corrected, I always thought that the KKK was involved more with the fighting, something like a unit or group of units in the Confederate Army
  9. They wish they were.. sort of a redneck proto-walting ;)
    As for the legal bit, as long as I know, current caselaw follows the dicta of Hague v. CIO (Justica Roberts opinion at 397 US 496; 1939): Wherever the title of streets and parks may rest they have immemorially been used ofr the purposes of assembly (...) Such use (...) has, from ancient times, been a part of the privileges, immunities (...) of citizens (...) [, it] may be regulated in the interest of all (...) [but it must not] be abridged or denied.
    Similar standards were used in HYNES v. MAYOR OF ORADELL (1976) and LAKEWOOD v. PLAIN DEALER PUBLISHING (1988). Firthermore, the courts have adopted a content-neutral standard. So, even if despicable, as long as they are not using "fighting words" or inciting to violence, their speec and right to assembly is protected.
    This being said, I think it is better to let them have their party. Don't even give 'em an inch of extra news coverage by being victimized or whatever. Comparing the current stuation vis a vis with the late fifties, I don´t think they pose any real threat.
  10. I was born a yankee from Montana, but my family started in Virginia, including one ancestor who was a staff officer in the ANV, and another who was related by marriage to Gen. Lewis Armistead, CSA. From what I've read of them, they wouldn't be any more thrilled with the modern incarnation of the KKK anymore than the rest of us. They saw the war as a battle for their freedom of self-determination, with slavery being a northern bugaboo. Just an excuse to step on their necks.

    It pisses me off to see these racist crackerheads twisting that ideal to further their own agenda.
  11. I heard some crazy story as a child about the KKK being first set-up or conceived in Scotland but not for the reason's that the current KKK in America align themselves to? or something along them lines, does anyone else know anything about it?

    *They have K-mart all over Finland, I used to have a hoot with Finns over the fact that they had a KKK mart sitting in the middle of Helsinki.. they use the K to demonstrate the size of the store. ;) always a hoot! and made me giggle from time to time :)

    *That and the tower around the corner with the letters [K, Y] plastered in huge neon lights at the top of it :)
  12. There was a radio 4 program a few months ago about the scotish orgins of the kkk .Seems a lot of colonists were originally from scotland . So its a mixture of half remebered folk history klan for clan the burning cross supposedly was used to rally the clan in times of crisis so it was a adopted by the kkk .Also they belived the celts were the original pure white race so adopted the celtic coss as their symbol. Pity they never releaised they were idolising a bunch of psycho ginger haired alcholic drawfs as the master race :lol: .
    It wasent about slavery it was about freedom .Yeah right you lost get over it .
  13. Don't worry. A good percentage will go hunting drunk and shoot their fool selves eventually, thank Darwin.
  14. Wow, cool cheers for the information woody :)

    -Nice to see that the Americans again, could not think of anything without either our or our little islands intervention, heheh

  15. Even today most white Southerners are descendents of English, Scots, Scots-Irish, Irish and Welsh.

    One of the quirks about those whose ancestors came to the American South from the UK in colonial times is that they often tend to check "American or U.S. Ancestry" under the census forms that ask about ethnic background unlike those with Irish, Germans, Italians etc., backgrounds. Another quirk is that those Irish that came to the South during colonial times tended to blend in losing their 'identity' into the larger Southern culture while those that came after the famine settled in the North and much more often kept their 'Irishness' (Catholicism, dislike of the British, etc.).

    Some interesting ethnic maps of the US:






    You may be right but I wouldn't be saying that out loud at a Nascar race in Rockingham.