If you are only HOPING to pass out RMAS then you have no chance of gaining commission in the Household Cavalry.

If you were genuinely at RMAS there would be plenty of people around to answer your query.

Piss off you lazy journo - get your insight for your 'Harrys Regiment' puff elsewhere you CNUT.
Possibly the most pathetic attempt that I´ve seen on arrse. Why don´t you just make something up like you usually do? Failing that, buy General White-Spunner´s book "Horse Guards", but ffs don´t drop it on your foot.


Jorrocks, sorry about the name duplication. I didn't check before I registered this one.

C'est la guerre. I'll change to Facey Romford (or similar) shortly.

I can only add that you may have missed an excellent opportunity for a wind up that might have appeared in print...
What´s happened to this thread? Oh well, it was only a tedious wind up.

JJ, I thought about spinning a yarn but I just don´t have the energy and it´d only bite me in the arrse eventually. I´m suprised we haven´t got a Lucy Glitters on the boards.
Yes, he really must hope that people stop bumping the thread to show what an Arrse he is. I notice that his new thread identifies him as pre-RCB as opposed to at RMAS. Why don't we start up a dedicated RCB sticky thread?

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