Kiwis to ditch Union Flag

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Oct 1, 2007.

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  2. Why not, it's their country after all (the Maoris that is).

    Shame to see the old Union Flag go, but it will always be there in history.

    Maybe they could bin the Southern Cross and replace it with the Ponga? It always looks like the Aus flag anyway.
  3. Or a sheep. But then, I'm Welsh and I have my own biases. :oops:
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  4. Uppidy colonials!

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  5. I don't blame them. We dumped them and joined the corrupt, enormously expensive and wholly inefficient EUROPEAN SOVIET UNION.

    I see NZ ranked as the least corrupt nation on earth. Too busy playing rugby and taking care of their sheep to be corrupt. Good on them!

    I used to like rugby and sheep, but as a Welshman I am no longer interested in rugby. Sheep are a different matter.
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  6. But as a previous poster said, will it be an Anglo-white Flag or a Maori flag...?!!
  7. they have a right to change it if they want to, am i happy they want to bin the part of the flag that tells them where they are from? no.

    but as one man said New Zealand forces had fought under the flag in two world wars. "It's part of our history, it's who we are and it allies us with friends," he said.

    so does it tell them where they are from? or over the years has it become their own flag?

    and the stuff about it looking like the oz flag, what a laod? only an idiot would mix them up.
  8. Aussies want to change flags

    I agree with earlier comments that it's NZ's decision, and good luck to them whatever they decide. There's more than a flag design that links our countries.
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  9. True, blood is thicker than water.
  10. 8) They wont have E.U. on it, good on you Kiwis 8)
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    If we had remained a sovereign nation, then perhaps I would have made a big noise about their wish to remove our emblem, but we aren't. We are a sub-district of the western regional council of the greater European Union and no longer, in any way, represent that which gave us our national flag. It has become as meaningless to us as it has to our Kiwi cousins.

    The Maori design sounds good.
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  12. Having lived there between 99 and 04 I can imagine NZ wanting to have "a nation of their own"....aside from their own civil problems between the maori and the pakeha (land rights and all the stuff outlined in the treaty of waitangi), I think whilst it would be a shame to lose the union from their flag, it would be good to see them with a new national flag - the silver fern imho should be a part of it....

    An awesome place to long as you don't live in Auckland ;)

    - T
  13. They're very fortunate if that's the most important thing they have to worry about these days.
  14. Hope they don't change it to this monstrosity!


  15. S0I

    S0I LE

    8 year resurrection, impressive!