Kiwi or Cherry?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sparky8, Nov 8, 2006.

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  1. Dont bite my head off just yet, I know the answer is Kiwi, I just want to know why!
    When I was a boy my Dad regailed me stories of his Army career which obviously influenced my decision to join up (God bless him!). One of the things that I'll always remember him telling me was that on no occasion must you ever deviate away Kiwi to Cherry as one is the Dogs nuts and the other is the Horses arse. So my post has two questions:
    1 Why?
    2 What else do you always use and on no occasion do you use its almost identical market competitor? (ie Domestos and not Cilit Bang cos Barry whathisname is a cnut?)

    Yes it is a slow day today
  2. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Carlsberg and not Heineken :hungry: Bratwurst not bockwurst.
  3. confused... waiting for answers? :?
  4. Strongbow not Woodpecker (Or that manky Irish shite)
    Daily Sport not Daily Mail
    Black Sheep not Old Peculiar
  5. Cohibas not King Edwards.

    Havana Club not Bacardi.

    Laphroaig not Jack bloody Daniels!
  6. Warsteiner not Carling
    Front bottom not back bottom (mostly)
    Weetabix not Oatabix
  7. Cheap fags not duty paid ones

    Tetleys not John Smiths

    Gut wrenching hardcore porn not UK top shelf rubbish
  8. Zeppelins not spaniels ears
  9. Stretched but not overstretched.
  10. High spirited NEVER drunk & disorderly
  11. Moist not Dry.

    Moist....isn't that just the best word in the English language? It just rolls off the tongue......."moist"......
  12. Tired but not emotional.

    Brasso, not Vodka.

    It has to be Kiwi....... Cherry Blossom doesn't give me a hard on.
  13. VW not skoda
    Heinz beans not Hartleys
  14. Pol Roger to Moët et Chandon!
  15. Bovril not Marmite.