kiwi and leder gris

Presumably this question arises because some cokc of a Pl Sgt/SSM/RSM wants 'bulled toecaps' on combat boots. I thought we'd got rid of that sort of sh1te years ago, guess some things will never change.
Ledergris, given a few applications, should allow you to get a good polish where needed.
Ive used Kiwi mid tan and Leder Gri on my Altbergs and they were fine. Why bull combat boots!??!? Looks gash!

Like matron has said above a few layers of Leder Gris then polish over the top. Leder Gris gives the leather a bit of a water repellant coating.

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If you absolutely must have shiny combat boots, why not use Altberg Leder Glos - the shiny version?

Tapped in morse code on the radiator.
Yeah like i said before, i dont want to bull my combat boots but i keep getting told to. Might just get a pair of drill boots and bull them for parades. Thanks

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