Kitten War

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Forces_Sweetheart, Jun 14, 2005.

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  1. My missus'll love this!
  2. Oops - looks like we have crashed it! Flashy should like this site, too. He's used to spending his day with a bunch of pussies...
  3. Argh does it ever end?? Is this the next Vietnam/Iraq?
  4. What!?!?! We don't get to kill them? Where's the fun? :(

  5. Noted, FS.......

    I too was hoping there would be some sort of weapon to employ against these fcuking posh rodents. I hate cats nearly as much as I hate humans.

    Best option for a cat is a hessian sack, an old engine block and a trip to the Shropshire Union canal. Frickin vermin.
  6. Does it have to be the Shropshire Union or will anywhere do?
  7. My Lord Flash,
    As a fellow cat despiser, may I recommend the 'Ford Sport Ka: the Evil Twin' advert'. This hilarious MPEG shows a ginger tom being decapitated by a possessed car's sunroof. I understand that it was quickly withdrawn from cinemas as it caused so much offence. I regularly use it in PPT presentations as a doctrine/tactics/other work related triv interlude!

    Sadly, my village does not have broadband otherwise I'd PM you with it.
  8. MM, have seen the clip and agree it is a funny one. I was almost thinking then that even as a crab, your hatred for cats must make you a good egg.........................................................right up until you said this;

    Boy, I'll bet the winter nights fly by in your house!!
  9. Fair point m'lud,
    I guess it was too much to expect the AAC to comprehend Air Power tactics!!! :wink:
    PS. Coincidentally, you'll be amused to know that in a rare drive into work today (I normally cycle), I managed to flatten one of the said posh rodents from Waddo village!!
  10. We'll have to send in UN troops next in an attempt to stop the bloodshed!
  11. I thought the failing felines would be disposed of online for all to see! :evil:
  12. Heres a start

  13. I do believe this game was posted as a link in a previous thread on ARRSE but I thought it was apt for this thread to give those less feline inclined a sense of fulfillment.

    Clay Kitten Shooting

    This is relatively work friendly without speakers on. However, it is very engrossing so be warned.
  14. Can we put an internet address tracker there so all the wierdos who vote or submit can be tracked down and exterminated?