Kitna Price

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Speedy, Jul 19, 2007.

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  1. Nice to see a Territorial doing well for himself.
  2. Back in 83-84 I was down the Falkland attached to 654 Sqn AAC.
    We where station in Goose Green when the resident Battalion changed over.
    In Marched 3rd battalion The Fusiliers and we where ordered following day to Parade and be introduced to C.O.
    Lined up in single file the C.O. came down the line and spoke to each man, presenting all with a White hackle with Red 'Blood' Stain.
    Good Morning Sgt
    All I said was Morning Sah and he smiled, turned to his RSM, who grinned and then says 'Where do you come from son' ?
    Near Manchester Sah.
    Yes yes we know that but where ?
    C.O. & RSM are smiling like a pair of cats with cream.
    Small town just south of Bolton, but you will not know it Sah.
    The C.O. and RSM are over the moon exchanging glances and smiles when the C.O. then says
    'Sgt, The RSM and I are the last two surviving Members of the Lancashire Fusiliers in the Army.
    LFs Sah, used to see them when I was a kid normally going back to camp of a Sunday night when I came out of local cinema.
    Well we had a very pleasant chat went on for ages with RSM and the C.O. well pleased.

    Still have the accent to this day.
    Would have liked to have met Kitna Price, but not on a Parade Ground, Battalion Drill !
  3. I'll bet that was my old mob in the S Atlantic (1984?): 2RRF, not 3rd Bn.

    CO woulda been Mike Hayley and the RSM was nicknamed 'Dink' for his habit of 'dinking' his specs back into place with his middle finger.