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Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Watcher, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. The wife is dropping some pretty explicit hints about a set of kitchen scales for her birthday; I haven't a clue. Anyone help?
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    Add and weigh is very helpful as you fill the bowl with ingredients and have less washing up.

    I prefer ones with a flat base so I can use my own bowl, the size I want, rather than one with a bowl provided.

    I like digital scales, but they need a battery (mind you I'm only on the second battery and the scales are ten plus years old. Your good lady may prefer a dial-type arrangement. Or one that screws to the wall and the flat base folds down. Or old-fashioned ones with weights and a scoop. There are endless possibilities.

    Suggest you float a Lakeland catalogue (other kitchenware suppliers are available) under her nose, and start a discreet discussion!
  3. We've had all sorts of electronic scales, but wifey prefers this sort:


    With these you just sling the ingredients in and get on with it, rather than the electronic ones where you're farting about, measuring to the nearest 2-5g.