Kitchen Management Training

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by whitewash, Jul 28, 2004.

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  1. I swear this is true.... Recived today via e-mail

    "OPTOMEN film production company have approached the Defence Press Office to pitch a programme starring Gordon Ramsey, and focusing on him working in a military unit and showing the hierarchy where they are going wrong in terms of managing and communicating with soldiers. There will be a clear aim to show the Army as an ineffective organisation that needs to be re-educated by the celebrity chef" ......

    Surprisingly "D News has declined the offer" but "The production company intend to approach units direct.

    So, who do we think might benefit from the F****g Tw**** Ramsey treatment?
  2. Chefs 8O ?
  3. Cheeky cnuts :roll:
  4. Tell the stroppy Gwa tw0t to fick off. No on second thoughts send him to 1 Para and let him have a go at them. Then when they have shagged the ginger t0sser and broke his face, he may just get the idea he ain't liked :twisted:
  5. Well he could start by showing the useless cnuts how to make a proper full that has always been my biggest bug bear. The Masterchefs get wheeled out for the big mess dinners and the sloppoes come out for breakfast and ruin what is a very simple meal. No wonder everyone honks on a run with all that rancid veg oil sloshing around. :?

    Gordon would face the danger of a battering with the odd dixie and latticed with the 10" Cooks Knife if he upsets the big keen blobby chef with a complexion like corned beef and breath like a stoats grinner 8O
  6. There are many ineffective organisations in need of re-education, though not necessarily by a 'celebrity chef':

    MOD Procurement Executive

    The Home Office

    The Court system

    The NHS

    The Education system

    In fact, anything the Dear Leader and his Glorious Gang have touched in the last few years.
  7. could he do owt with tch? :twisted:
    cook for the cabinet? :twisted: