Kitchen cabinet lighting

Discussion in 'DIY' started by Spacehopper383, Jan 10, 2011.

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  1. When we remodelled the kitchen several years ago, I had put in a new type of under cabinet lighting using GX53 lamps. Several years on and I am having problems with the lamps, they seem to get very hot and are becoming temperamental coming on and off when they want.
    Reading up about the lamps the blurb says that they are cool to the touch, but mine are really hot and the plastic holders are becoming discoloured with brown scorch marks.

    Has anyone else had the same problem and what did you do the remedy the problem? I don't want to go back to halogen lamps or even small fluorescent tubes and was thinking about LED's but don't want the cool white and nothing on-line seems to inspire me.
  2. Apart from the log stove, I said stuff- it to the silly bloody halogen spot-lights in the kitchen and bathroom.

    Flous don't look as cool, but the kitchen went from 300 watts to 40, and the bathroom from 200 watts to 30.

    And the actual amount of usable light doubled.
  3. That was one of the reasons I went for low energy, as when we moved in we put CFT all over the place and then found out the the entire houses wiring was substandard (DIY bodge job) and if we had used normal light bulbs then there was a real possibility of a fire.

    Looking on the web I have found LED GX53's but the price is too expensive at the moment.
  4. Have you tried replacing your GX53 Lamps? If they are overheating and flickering they are on the way out. Each lamp should be able to be replaced individually. Without teaching you to suck eggs, they are a twist out fluorescent.

    LED lighting is really taking off, there are many different styles and colours. I'm playing with colour changing LED GU10s at the moment. They were great over Christmas.
  5. These are replacement lamps fitted about a year ago. Not sure of the make as I've thrown the packaging away and nothing is stamped on the body.

    I've got colour changing GU10's in the outside light by the front door. The light washes up the wall and is an easier way of decorating the house for Christmas especially when I was ill.
  6. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    If they are the ones linked in your post then they shouldn't be getting hot...7W should hardly feel warm. I'd suggest if they are getting that hot there is possibly a short somewhere.

    I'd suggest LED nowadays, although expensive one off cost they are long lived and stupidly low on power useage.

    We have some LED ones from these.....IKEA | Integrated lighting | Bookcases integrated lighting | INREDA | Spotlight

    but I'd have a look at yours seriously...with the power off...doesn't sound healthy.

  7. One thing to watch out for is that the wattage on the bulb is the right one for the fitting, that may explain the heat on the fitting,
  8. Ahh, something I never thought about, although the wattage only varies between 6W to 13W and mine are all 7W. Can't remember what the wattage of the original lamps was.
  9. The 7w GX53 fittings are hot to touch in my work, it maybe be a loose connection, you may want to take a look at the light switch that there wired to.
  10. I had a similar issue with my lighting so I had to replace it. I'd recommend looking on ecoled website, their lights are great quality and give off hardly any heat.

    led lights