Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Fluff_eei, May 20, 2009.

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  1. Morning chaps,

    I'm - AOSB permitting - attending the July TACC this year. I am beginning the acquisition of kit, both required and desirable. I haven't have time to get into my TAC yet, but imagine it'll be reasonably east to persuade the storeman to give me the kit mandated on the JI's. However, it has also been recommended to me to get (many) more green t-shirts, and more sets of CS95s, so as to have as much ironed as possible before arriving and to minimise washing whilst there.

    I was going to grab some sets of eBay, as they're super cheap. But I am a little wary that this would be problematic / frowned upon / dodgy / lies about being issue. Any advice would be gratefully received.


  2. The last set of joining instructions I saw, made it clear that additional or non issue kit would be frowned upon. However; check your own joining instructions closely and look at it like this: When I joined (and many more like me) we ALL had a 'best' pair of boots and a 'best set of kit' that we kept untouched. To do that, you need to either have a) a spare set or two of kit (bought or 'aquired'): wash one/ wear one or, b) the ability to go without sleep whilst you stay up late every night washing drying, cleaning and ironing issue stuff. The choice is yours mate :roll:
  3. Acquiring extra kit in the form of as many issue green t-shirts and sets of CS95 shirts and trousers as you can lay your hands on will make life much easier while on TACC.

    Washing facilities in victory college for the TACC were both limited and in constant demand when I was there in 2005 (may have changed) and you will be busy enough in the evenings without having to set your alarm for 4am so you can get your kit into a washing machine.

    How you acquire said extra kit is up to you, I personally borrowed a lot of extra kit from mates before I went but theres nothing stopping you buying more if you want to.

    The t-shirts are the main thing, you will be running around a lot and therefore sweating buckets, particularly in the summer, and do not want to be wearing a stinking green t-shirt in a hot classroom because you havent got a clean one. Plan on getting through 2 a day. Just remember to stick to issue kit, nobody likes show parades :oops:

    EDIT - If the joining instructions do specifically state that you cant have extra sets of issue kit now then use your initiative and keep it in your car but there was certainly no problem when I was there as long as it was all issue kit.
  4. If you go to CadetDirect, you can get a full set of C95's - Issue shirt, trousers, smock and a green t-shirt.. It's damn cheap considering I've seen issue smocks go for more than that price alone on ebay or on other online shops.
    I did this a month or so ago, and have kept this set for best.

    Hope this helps.
  5. If you are there for 3 weeks with only the issued 2 sets of CS95s how on earth are you supposed to manage? Is it just a case of wasting valuable time to fully wash all your kit every night?

  6. Most people bring extra. If you dont then yes you will end up having to wash kit at odd times and reducing the already minimal amount of sleep you will be getting. The old saying "Any idiot can be uncomfortable" is very true in this case.

    Its worth noting that kit lists generally list the minimum equipment required and it is up to the individual to bring anything else they feel they may need on top of that.
  7. Errm you do what you have to do in the field....wash one & wear one! That being said, if you have the opportunity to take some spare kit, and the capacity to store it/ carry it... take it!! :)
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Just go and ask (nicely) the Man from Q&M.

    There should be no problem issuing you an extra set for TACC.

  9. Hey MSR; any chance of borrowing your storeman for a bit.... say a few years? :D
  10. I demanded an extra set of combats (shirt and trousers) there is more kit listed on the JIs than there is on standard issue, therefore it is not unreasonable to demand a set from the QMs, just show them your JI

    I'd be more worried about getting through main board in time! Have you got a date yet?
  11. msr

    msr LE

    If you are not getting the service you think you deserve, raise it with your CoC.

    I didn't have to :)

  12. pmlraotf! Never mind 'demanded', I asked very nicely for a helmet for my last recruit tyraining weekend because my issued one had been taken back the revious Tuesday, due to being faulty but was told that: 'I could/ would have to' do without one as they didn't have one in.

    I pointed out that this probably wasn't the case and we had been told that we would be RTU'd if we attened without all kit on the joining instructions but had to spend a considerable time begging and performing deviant acts simply in order to get my helmet (if you'll excuse the pun) 8O
  13. My worry going on the JI's I have available, from TACC 091, is that it "recommends" 3 sets of 95's for "winter courses". Good luck persuading my stores that I "need" any more than 2 sets for a summer course then. Grumble. I'm just gonna start collecting issue t-shirts from eBay for a few weeks, that should solve one main problem.

    Aye, although it's gonna be quite close. Ho hum.

  14. ...and the funny thing about being a nineteen aggressive stone is...

    Still, console yourself with the fact that MSR has never ever been known to tick or whinge at all about things not going his way when his CoC might possibly have been a little more helpful!

  15. msr

    msr LE

    I can't think of a single instance ;)