Torn between a snugpac kit monster or MoD black big holdall thing.

Pros and cons please, or other suggestions.

I would love a NF duffle but its too much at the moment.

I've got a north face and a bigger northface knock off, both do the same job and have both got many many airmiles on em

Try cotswolds for a less funky, cheaper number, I was in a few weeks ago and they had some mahoosive kit bags with good features and mega rugged

Chuck em your Mod 90 and you get a discount to!!
The issue one is pretty good, it's a good size, has plenty of features and it's free. The only drawback is when using the shoulder straps, if the bag is too full and too heavy they cause the bag to tear near the top of the straps.

go to there bag section they do some good bags, reasonabaly cheap aswell. i bought one of them for my phase 1, its bergen/holdall. like the deployment bags you get issued.
I find that the issue one is awesome and if you go diffy costs £6.32 ( Basic price - 50% + VAT). Can't fall off with that, and if they sold them in outdoor shops I bet you would pay £40+ or probably more if it was North Face or similar manufacturer.
Why not try one of the Gorilla boxes from a yank PX (if you have access to one!)? They have pretty much the same capacity of an issued holdall and can double up as a nice bedside table to make tour feel a bit more civilised. Plus the added bonus of being (almost) RAF mover-proof!
I bought a holdall from Blacks about 5-6 years ago made by a firm called ALS. Its still going strong now and has clocked up some astronomical air miles, plus its got wheels at one end for when I feel like a lazy barsteward!
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