Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by minime83, Apr 17, 2010.

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  1. Hi all
    I know this question has probably been asked a thousand times but im still in the dark so here goes.
    I am going to join the ta and was wondering what sort of uniform and kit i will get issued with and how much will i get.
    Do i keep all kit at home or is at kept at unit until required.
    Is there any sort of kit i wont get but you recomend buying.
    Thanks all for any advice
  2. msr

    msr LE

  3. You'll get clothing (ie uniform), boots, trainers, PT kit, 2 x towels, gaiters, waterproof socks, a few pairs of socks - this you will take home.

    Depending on unit you will either take this home or it will be kept in your locker: Bergen, webbing, mess tins, water bottle, respirator, CBRN kit, basha, sleeping bag, bivvi bag, entrenching tool, helmet, ear defence

    Own kit: Initially, decent waterproof bergen liners/dry bags (ortilieb are my preference) some sealable waterpoof bags, travel size wash items, note pad and pen, padlock, twisters, boot polish kit, tent pegs. Don't go buying gucci boots or expensive tailored webbing until you pass Basic.
  4. get 2 medium sized padlocks that take the same key - this will save plenty of hassle later on. Try a locksmiths and try the keys before you buy
  5. buy some good socks

    personally, the issue ones rip your feet apart and you havent got enough of them to last a weekend.

    Lots of good walking socks!
  6. Buy plenty of haribo, a serious investment for all soldiers.
  7. i agree haribo is a must.

    And porn for long nights with your basha buddy ;-)
  8. If you have a basha buddy, why do you need porn?
  9. Because a sock does not hold a good converstaion. :lol:
  10. is that tolerated these days?
  11. theres a MATT now isnt there?
  12. You will get the basic kit already mentioned which will take you through basic.

    Depending on DS during basic you will be allowed to take other items- personally the onll item I was allowed to take was a small thermos, for the whole of phase one A, B and CIC.

    Personally,I would try to get used to, and use, the basic issued items to their maximum.

    As while you are newish to the unit you should use the basic kit, until a Cpl or L/Cpl takes you under his wing in your platoon (once you are trained) and gives you the kit hints and tips.