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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by msr, May 2, 2007.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Everyone seems to be banging on about how much they have spent on kit.

    So: what have you actually purchased and are using?

    1x Gas Stove (£20)
    1x Arktis Chest Rig (£10 ebay)
    Miscellaneous stationery (£10)
    Nirex Folders (£20)
    Other bits and pieces (small carabiners, black insulating tape, wetpruf kiwi, simple wet wipes £15)
    DPM Day sack from Dubora (£65)
    Maglite (£10)
    Metal Mug (Silverman's £8)

  2. Hippo pad
    Gas stove
    Bush hat
    Mini Maglight
    Day sack
    Poncho liner
    Montane extreme smock

    Edited to add
    Folding kip mat.
    Surfing shoes
    Bergan liner
    Extra waterbottle pouch
    Extra waterbottle
    Lightweight summer boots (Le Bock)
    Map case
    Waterproof notebook
    Extra set of combats (only issued one set!)

    There's loads more so I'll probably edit it again later.
  3. Metal mug £10
    Thermal mug £10
    Alpkit thermarest mat £15
    gas stove £15

    Thats about it
  4. In smock or webbing:

    Metal mug and stand (crusader) £12

    Lots of Trioxane tablets £10

    Lots of Greenheat gel in 500ml or 1000ml bottles or 200ml tubes, but never those pointless little sachets £10

    (Summer only) Cool water gel neck scarf (Brilliant and only £3.50!)

    Gerber recon torch £11

    Pocket knife with built in flint and steel £15

    US Infantry whistle (Very loud) £2

    racing spoon (non-skiffed!) £0.79p

    Bergan stuff:

    Bundeswehr folding mat £4

    US Airbed, rubber inflatable (fab super comfy bit of kit from Vietnam era, sadly very, very hard to come by, and those self inflating mats are poor by comparison) £6 ish 20+ years ago

    US 2 quart waterbottle and cover (goes in Bergan) £13-14?

    DPM Goretex Bivi bag, new £30

    Snugpak softie Merlin 3 and expander panel £64

    (Winter only: 1lt S/Steel thermos) £10

    The above is what I consider essential for comfort, with minimum bulk or weight. I've just realised how much of it has had to be bought, but at least I know I paid rock bottom for it courtesy of the internet and e-bay.(£200 approx) As a CFAV, we are scaled for 2 fifths of fück all anyway, so we have to pay for it ourselves.
  5. I couldn't stand the cheap crap biro that Banner supplied. So I bought a Pilot P-500. It's the daddy of all extra fine point pens...
  6. "Lots of Greenheat gel in 500ml or 1000ml bottles or 200ml tubes, but never those pointless little sachets £10"

    Where can you get the bottles from ?
  7. softie sleeping bag/extreme smock/led torch & headlamp/german army issue mountain boots/karrimor daysack/gerber multitool/nyrex orders book/waterproof notebook and cover/thorlo socks/gs shovel/hh baselayer/peak stove & fuel/bungees/drybags/karabiners/washing&shaving kit/housewife/boot cleaning kit/tent pegs/platypus waterbottle/inflatable roll mat/chest rig.
  8. Snug pak rocket pack ,softie jacket ,softie 9 ,canoe bags ,various bits of webbing , helly hansen lifa top,zoot suit top ,alladin mug,Antartica shirt like a norgie only wool polyester mix .leatherman,crkt knife ,Jet boil .
    metal mug .
  9. I have just been issued a full issue of desert kit from man at Q&M and I have to say I am now pushed to think of anything to spend my hard-earned on! How times have changed.
  10. SASS Hip pad
    Roll pin belt
    Windproof smock
    Altberg Defender Microlite Boots
    Daysack canoe bag
    Arktis patrol pack
    Helly Hansen Lifa
    Softie 9 Sleeping bag
    Softie Shirt
    Metal mug

    Hmm probably some more that i will remember later on.
  11. Gas stove
    Mini Maglight
    Day sack
    Daysack liner
    Softie 9 sleeping bag
    Extreme smock
    Nyrex orders book
    Waterproof notebook and cover
    Helly Hansen baselayer
    Washing&shaving kit
    Tent pegs & Bivvy pole
    Chest rig
    Various webbing pouches
  12. Everything I use in the field except my weapon, bergen and bivi bag!

    Vanguard daysack
    Altberg boots (summer)
    Hanwag boots (winter) with Gore Tex gaiters
    Roll pin belt and most of the pouches on it.
    Bush hat
    Windproof smock
    Exped dry bags
    Metal mug
    Plastic spoon
    Gerber Recon
    Lumo colours
    Waterproof pad
    Head torch with red filter

    I'd add more but thinking of the money I've spent is starting to upset me...
  13. Windproof Smock
    Arctic Smock
    Lowa Boots
    Several Webtex Webbing pouches + padding
    Softie Jacket
    Sealskinz gloves
    Oakley goggles
    Floprene balaclava - excellent for driving armour when its raining
    Jack Flask - keeps brew warm for like 6 hours, cant remember the name
    And a crappy non issue daysack - does anyone actually use those crappy bergan side pouches as a daysack???
  14. You not only admit buying W*nktex but you're still using it??
  15. 2 Utility pouches, yeah I think ill be alright.