Kit you have purchased and are not / no longer using

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by msr, May 2, 2007.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. Danner Boots - I actually prefer the issue CW boots.

    Windproof smock - full of holes from wheelbarrow battery acid.

    leathermen/gerber/sog multitools - lost count of howmany i have lying around. Keep breaking the blades and can't be arrsed to send them away so buy a new one.

    Cyclops bergen - Prefer the issue one.

    Norgy shirts - 'cause i was around when they weren't issued.
  3. Tons of stuff..but I wear a suit now and frankly the Norgie wolly pully would look silly under/over it.

    As I don't ever intend going back to the field army and I'm not a keen airsofter I think all of my old purchases are going straight to my ACF nephews (when they have eaten a few more lard pies).

    This could of course all change if VEng really does come in and I have to raid the loft.
  4. Christ,

    I've got brand new Pro-boots, Altbergs, Blackhawk & Camelbak daysacks, multi tools, Wiley x sg1 googles, and loads of other stuff sitting in their boxes.

    Some pikey fcuker robbed my box full of kit as it was being sent back from Basra and Naafi paid out in full on my kit insurance. :D

    I'm now in a job where I won't use any of it...
  5. A bergan that was, reasonably priced, in the correct camouflage, and really comfy in the shop. Unfortunately it wasn't compatible with webbing though.

    An US goretex jacke, as they were the height of military fashion here a few years ago.
  6. If the pro-boots are a size 9 I've got a buyer for you!
  7. FJ,

    No chance am I selling them-I bought them off an Arrser a while back. I'm keeping them until my current ones wear out as I cannot get a new pair through the system.

    They only cost me £35!

    I will consider selling the Wiley SG1's with polarised lenses though!
  8. Jetboil. despite being a cracking design, still too expensive to run. The little canisters that fit inside it are bad VFM.

    I use a Crusader cup and cooker with Trioxane or bottled greenheat gel, or if I run out, back to stinky Hexi

    Other useless bit of kit I bought was a French KFS set (but it has got a corkscrew, unsurprising being French!) The fork is too small, the spoon and knife awkward to use
  9. Still got some "rice paper condoms" with Popeye printed on them.......
  10. Have to say

    Danner Boots
    SAS Smock
    1970's DPM Temperate smock brand new (why well I thought I would keep it and when I was a CSM everyone would be impressed I was an old fecker - problem when I made it I didn't want anyone to think I was and old fecker so put it away!!)
    DMS boots (worn once for a wedding)
    No1 Dress as above 9my wedding)
    NO2's only for Births, Deaths and Marriages (but I use Service Dress now!)
    AMMO boots (wear brown shoes now!)
    Mess Kit (wrong pattern for my mess)
    Para Beret (not bough but borrowed ona ferry in 1987 - forgot to return it but those buggers did nick a C2 sight of our - in error my arrse)
    G10 watch - prefer my Seals Luminox
    Numerous bits of Des Kit HMG keep giving me more each time I go!
    Bivvi Poles - I always get a bunk in the CP now :)
    Garmin GPS - I always blame te driver these days
    DPM 30Ltr Patrol pack - I use a landrover now!

    Its all there just incase but tend to stick to issue kit now as its esier to get replacements. Must be getting old and too lazy to put it on EBay!

  11. Assault vest but it comes out occasionly .Gps pouch ,but,only cos some
    barsteward lost my gps .Ear defender pouch what was I thinking ?Couple of webbing pouches .Most of the gucci kit I have brought which I haven't lost or broken I use .
  12. Hardly use my windproof smock any more, as I find the issue ripstop jacket is better in the field. The large zip pockets are ace plus its tougher.
  13. The hood on the windproof smock? what a waste of space. as such that dont get used.
    assault vest (Sh!t Tex)
    this that and the other that seemed a good idea at the time.

    At the end of it I realised, Issued kit is issued for a reason.. it does the job (Usually) well and cant be really faulted.

    THo the ole' JetBoil is an exception =)
  14. (1) DPM Zippo lighter - dropped in a field and never seen again. I should've bought a shiny one.....
    (2) DPM pen - the same.
    What a prat.