Kit worn in Afgahnistan

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ex_Reg_Andy, Mar 25, 2007.

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  1. I have recently been out in afghanistan and was issued the new osprey, thankfully i trded it in for a plate carrier which was 30 times better! why cant the army just copy what the yanks wear and we will all be better off!
  2. My other half is due to go out soon, he has been issued his desert gear but has spent a couple of hundred buying better stuff and extras.

    I have heard alot of men do this - why are you not issued with the best of everything in the first place?

  4. My journo detecting radar is blinking ominously...


    Edited as a biff at using quotes
  5. No sh1t sherlock, ospreys are crap at carrying plates, they lack opposable thumbs. I used to have a buzzard who could carry a teapot or a pair of egg cups but he got old and feeble (just like my mum) so I panned his head in with a lump hammer (just like my mum)
  6. If he has spent so much on stuff he needs , Id like to know where he is going to carry it. Almost everything you could concievably "need" is now on the operational kit list and no shortage of it either and generally good quality. Stuff you "want" is a different kettle of fish.

    If you are a Journo you are a few years too late for this story!
  7. I doubt she/he is a journo, every squaddie feels compelled to buy kit that they think they will need when they go on tour however its quite often a different kettle of fish when they arrive in theatre and all the "gucci" kit that they have shelled out on gets left in their grip bag/black plastic box.
    I would agree that virtually all of the kit you need for tour is issued nowadays, now that we have things like cop vests, camelbaks etc on issue.
  8. my bold

    No he hasn't, he's been spending the money on his 'bit on the side' and is using this as an excuse.

    Does he come home with scratchs on his back from "the terrible scratchy bergans" from when he goes out for his midnight tabs???

    What extras has he been buying by the way? Handcuffs for all the naughty Iraqi's he'll be arresting??? Poppers for the anal searchs he'll have to carry out??? a butt paddle for self protection when patrolling? A gimp mask so his face won't be seen for 'Opsec' reasons???
  9. Not a journo ladies!

    Indoubitably - You know so much!

    I have no doubt you are issued with everything you need, I asked him that when he got given the kit cos my main concern would be his safety. But for him (and many others) they feel the need to buy 'better' even before they go. How much use he'll get out of the stuff he's bought - I dont know.

    There has been alot of stuff in the papers about kit.
  10. Camelbaks aren't issued. Just some cheap copy that goes "pop" aftera short while. The body armour is barely adequate. Especially when the UK is the world leader in the nano technology stuff, D3O etc.
    As for the boots....
    Give the boys the cash/vouchers and let them crack on. No more MoD kickbacks from sh1t kit makers.
  11. Er, yes they are.


  12. they are issued you tool
  13. Check the makers marks, straightbloke. CamelBak is a registered trade mark. Their kit is well made and survives the occasional bump. The one I was issued is marked "Source Hydration." No, I've never heard of them either...
  14. the source is more exspensive than the camel bac .Could be worse could have brought webtex then you really could whinge.