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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Ollieda, Nov 17, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm doing some research with the prospect of doing a charity event to raise some money for Help for Heroes.

    Can anyone tell me the sort of weight that would be carried on an average patrol.

    Would be really helpful if a breakdown of the weigh could be given aswell, i.e. helmet, webbing, body armour, day sack - all as standard, and also the amount of weight expected to be carried in these things, i.e. ammo, rations.

    I'm hoping to recreate this weight, but obviously in public theres a few security issues with people cutting about with ammo in their pockets, so stuff like that would have to be replicated with dead weight!

    Any help would be much welcome!
  2. A first post asking questions, there's a novelty.
    Why dont you just ask the question that you really want us to answer? Or is this a wah and I've just been had?
  3. Is this so your kit looks all the more warey to your fellow airsofters
  4. Average weight for patrols is now said to be 30kgs ammo ,body armour,water .As ammo and osprey body are not going to be available just fill
    a comfortable back pack with heavy things .
  5. That's a myth. There is no law that says you can't carry a weapon and ammunition in public if it has come from a legitimate source. If you want it to be as realistic as possible i suggest you nip down to your local TA centre or barracks, tell them what you are doing (take some proof), and they will loan the kit out. I suggest making it a little harder for yourself so go for the gimpy option.
  6. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer


    There was something in the press a few days ago about combat Soldiers being "dangerously overladen" with the amount of gear they were 'forced' to carry in Theatre. Is this for the follow-up article?
  7. 30kg? Eh?
  8. don't remember complaining about carrying any bit of kit out there, always came in handy!! forced??? more like 'gizzus as much ammo as you can find!!'
  9. Perhaps we could be more help if we knew where and when you were hoping to do this charity event.....
  10. Ammo, water? Pah, Mars Bars, porn mags and a Bayonet Is all you need.

    It breaks down as Follows:

    Bayonet, 1 unit: 1 Kilo

    Porn Mags, 342 units: 25.6 Kilo

    Mars Bars, 278 units: 4.4 Kilo

    Total Weight = 30 kilo.

    Hope that helps.

  11. don't forget your duty roiks for the reorg
  12. I was thinking of running the London marathon in full kit, apparently it hasn't been done before and the nearest someones done it is in greens and a helmet in something around 5 hours (according to Guinness world records)

    I am military but only OTC so right at the beginning of my career and we never even see things like body armour so wouldn't have a clue how much it weighs. I was being vague as this forum has a history of shooting down OTC guys.

    Thanks to those guys who gave some weights, will see what i can do.
  13. Pretty sure that's not correct, see many lads running the marathon with bergen and boots.

    The last one I saw atleast a number of Para Regt bods doing it plus about a Platoons worth from the Yorkshire Regt.
  14. Get a daysack, CS95s, webbing. Put about 40kg of anything in it and try and run the 26 miles, whilst wearing a helmet.
  15. Why is everyone so negative? Good luck with the run. Weight could be anywhere between 20kg and 60kg - prob around 35/40 is average.