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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Jul 15, 2009.

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  1. Yet another session of Brown'ism 'They have all they need'. He recently raised spectre of the War on Terror being fought on the streets of UK if we did not get it right in Afghanistan. Can he not see that by failing to spend money on essentials now and there, he could well end up with the very situations he says we are fighting to avoid
  2. Maybe, but a war on Britain's streets will be the Tory's fault when it finally happens, won't it?
  3. That assumed that Cameron gets the job. That assumes the Tory party win a GE. With all the immense F ups that Brown is making, Cameron should have been able to force him to come before the electorate but hasn't. In fact, little sign that he has really tried. Much heat at PMQ but does not translate to real action to depose the Brown sh*t
  4. You don't get it do you? :roll:

    The longer Cameron can keep Broon,in his job making even more F**k-ups,the easier it will be at the GE next year! :wink:
  5. They are all as bad as each other
  6. Our system ensures that the Government stays in power whilst it can muster sufficient votes to beat a vote of no-confidence, and the Government has an overwhelming majority in the Commons, courtesy of a Mr T Blair and a booming economy.

    The only people who can depose Mr Brown are the Labour MPs - and they have not yet shown any appetite for the task.

    The Tories are so much better at getting rid of leaders who have passed their sell-by date!