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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Gdou9518, Jan 16, 2012.

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  1. Do u have to give all ur kit back or do u keep stuff like combats beret etc when leaving the army
  2. It depends on what reserve list you go onto, I currently have a 42" waist and own combat trousers with a 28" waist, now have a 46" chest, and my jackets are 36".

    Medics tend to be recalled most.
  3. You won't be wearing an issue beret by the time you leave will you? Things must've changed.
  4. Why?
  5. Render unto Caesar...

    ...only the stuff that you signed for. The rest he don't know about.
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  7. AFAIK;
    If you've done less than 4 years, everything is handed in.
    If you've done more than 4 years, you hand in your respirator and any other Specialist clothing you have (overalls, dms boots), the rest is yours to keep.

    Bear in mind it's been 2 years since I last worked clothing and tri-service regs may have changed, so best to double check with your stores clerks.
  8. I read that u get a 1157 I think it's called what happends if u need. New hit do u exchange it and hand in the old stuff
  9. Are you actually in the Army?
  10. Start next month Ino it's a long time until I actually hand my kit in but its something that I fought about last night and wanted to know
  11. Yes, you do.
  12. I've kept a few things from when I was in the army. Beret, stable belt, FV432, the usual.
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  13. I'm amused that you haven't started yet but are already thinking about what happens when you leave. I'd focus on more short term goals, like passing basic first :)
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  14. I had no idea it caused such strong feelings in people who haven't even started their service yet. Who did you fight?

    I left the regular army in 1993, and the TA a few years later. I wore my boots till they fell apart, and am still getting good service out of a number of items, including sleeping bag (I do a lot of camping), vests ECW, and a fleece.

    It's not issue kit, but my Norwegian shirts that I bought in the early 80s are still going strong.
  15. I obviously am focusing on basic but like I said before just one of them things I want to know