Kit updates

This topic is to discuss upgrades to kit ie the newer S'95 stuff. One thing I want to ask is has the Patt '58 water bottle been replaced? Our sqn WO claims to have a new army issue water bottle, its a bit longer that the Patt 58 and does not have an intergral mug :? . If that is meant to be the replacement I don't think it will go down well

I'm aware that there's a replacement being trialled for one of the other stalwarts, the hexi-burner. Though as it's designed to mate with the metal version of the 58 mug only one of these devices is coming to a QM near you soon.

On the other hand, given some recent procurement decisions.....

To my understsnding, the metal non-stick mug will fit onto the base of the 58 patt bottle. That ethanol gel burner that clips onto the base is a great idea, at least its easier to get the damn thing going. Has anyone had a chance to try it out? I'm thinking about getting one from cadet direct

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