Kit to take to Depot

Can anyone tell me what kit you will be required to take with you to depot? I start soon and wouldnt mind knowing what I have to get. Been told I have to take an iron and maybe a suit, what else?

Also are there any items which you are not aloud to take?


Didn't they send you a kit list? Obviously not...

I have no idea what people are allowed/not allowed to take these daya - apparently they get duvets and god knows what else.

I was at MCTC a few days ago having a look round - good to see they still do bed blocks!! :D
Don't take a Mk2 Corvette Stingray, it will never fit in your locker.

Best thing you can take is an open mind, a big sense of humour and a sound attitude.

You might find a couple of tins of Kiwi black boot polish and a decent set of on and off brushes good, the NAAFI ones are pony.

A good iron is a good idea, be prepared to share it with your room mates... and don't sulk when it breaks after a week or two.

Avoid taking a sea lion or Dachsund with the trots, there is little space for stowing wildlife and pets :D The same can be said for Kaleidascopes and etch-a-sketchs
No they aint given me no kit list as yet. Might go ask them about it sometime next week. They will no doubt give me a list during my enlistment, which is about a week before depot.

As for an open mind, sence of humour, an all the works, I'm sure ill be fine in that area :wink: just need to build my fitness up again. Been injured for the past 6 weeks, which hasnt helped me, especially so close to my intake. Oh well, thats sods law aint it :roll:
A smoothie maker and an empty 'snap on' tool box along with a picture of a lifeboat and a roll of emery cloth will make you appear ready for anything the Training NCOs may throw at you.

If you have room you could also take a disgarded radiator and a Belt sander
At the (not inconsiderable) risk of being well and truly sand blasted, I suspect that malv is after reasonably useful information? :D

Having said that, I turned up to Basic Training in the late '80s, and discovered that my Mum had helpfully put a teddy in one of my bags, with a little label saying 'Mummy's Little Soldier' on it. It was discovered within seconds by the Section Corporal and held aloft on parade. Great.

Malv - pack your own bags! :D
LOL, pack my own bags! Thats one thing ill be sure to do!!!! :wink:

In regard to what everyone else has said, ill be sure to pack my playstation, gameboy, Hi-Fi system and half my bedroom :roll:
Take a flask full of omlette mix, it will be a hell of an ice breaker when you're in the room on the first night with 8 - 12 other lads all introducing yourselves uncomfortably.

You'll be by far the most prepared and popular, when you come up trumps with a shed load of omlettes for supper

If your running short of space, why not perfect a Bernard Manning / George Formby accent.... then when the troop Leader, Plt Commander introduces himself, you can reply... 'Its a lovely day for it...Mother fcuker'

Mr Happy

Take some stuff for blisters, and then take some more to sell to your fellow recruits, take a decent towel and for gods sakes a watch that is five minutes too fast.

What's the rules on mobile phones? Banned I hope, just like the gramophone was in my day.
Take a spare urinal and trumping pot, as when its your turn to do them on the block job rota, there is nothing worse than de-skiddying a porcelin after 24 rotten arsed recruits have been through it.

Half a pound of midget gems are advisory, when you're getting wailled at during your first drill lesson and he wants to pull your arms off and beat you with the soggy ends. Simply say 'Calm down mate' and offer him a sweet from your pocket.
Get hold of some spare army issue sox. These will come in handy as:

A. Sox, and

B. Items to masterbate into and throw into your new roomies clean laundry when they begin to p1ss you off. :wink:

Oh, and take a couple of cans of spray starch, a spare pair of trouser elastics (twisties), plenty of baccy and rizzlas (if you smoke) and a willingness to work bloody hard and succeed :D

And make sure your over that injury before you start, the level of physical training and punishment your about to put your body through will only agrivate an injury. You dont want to end up on the sick in your first couple of weeks.

Take a full spare washing and shaving kit - never use it but keep it in your locker and bring it out for inspections. Nothing the Trg staff hate worse than dirty razor, toothbrush, soap with a pube on it.
Save the MOD some cash, pop down Silvermans, buy a pair of barrack dress trousers, DMS boots and puttes, and a Para smock and turn up wearing the lot........................oh and get Regt tat on your arm.

The training staff will be impressed with your attitude, overall miltary bearing, forward thinking and dedication to your Regiment.
Egg is indeed wise and full of helpfulness.

Get yourself a great big Lion & Unicorn badge and sew it on your right wrist of your knew Para smock.

On entry to training depot, greet the Trg Sgt as knobber and ask him to carry your bags to YOUR mess :D
I met a young TA para in Shaiba who intended to join the Regs after he finished his college course. A WO2 with me recommend that he sought advice before wearing his wings and Telic medal on his recruits course.
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