Kit to take on Telic

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by super_stab69, Aug 10, 2007.

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  1. Im going on the 1Lancs deployment in November to Telic, just need some advise for non issue kit to take with me.

    I realy do want some advise on this, allthough im sure someones going to try and be funney.
  2. It seems as though military wise everything is supplied these days. All you will really need are a few sets of PT kit for mincing about in, Laptop/ portable DVD player and DVD's and enough tolietries to keep you going for a couple of months.
  3. Unless things have changed, toiletries should be available in the NAAFI. Other than that, I would agree with above - although a set or two of civis will also be needed.

    Good on you, and good luck.
  4. It wil be wet mate,dont think that Iraq is warm during the winter because its not.A lot of your kit requirments will depend on what job you are doing.Stock up on bathroom stuff as the Naafi is a rip off.Laundry is slow so take a little extra combats and underwear wise. You will get plenty of decent kit on issue anyway.Good luck and keep your head down
  5. cheers all, very good advise. i did here i could get alot of DVDs on the cheep out there? is that still the case?
  6. I'm out here with the unit that 1 Lancs are scheduled to replace (at current planning). Things to bring include a TV and freeview digi box for watching bfbs, a lot of us have clubbed together and bought fridges from the shop in the J1 village. Bring at least 4 sets of combats more if possible.

    Toiletries are available, but seem a bit over priced so it may be wise to stick a fair supply in your MFO box, a laptop and ipod would also be a good idea, there available over here but come with no garantee.

    Pretty much everything else is available and we will be trying to offload kit when we leave anyway, so you may get a good deal on tv's fridges etc.

    Not done a winter tour over so i cant help there.

    Hope the above helps and good luck if you want to know anymore PM ne
  7. Take your gortex it throws it down and what ever warm wet kit you get issused . Iraq can be like stanta with palm trees .One of my ever lasting
    memories is a foot patrol blundering around in the mud rain coming in sideways .Timeless pbi moment :D .
  8. Condoms, you have got to cover your head.
    Serious, take some, a guy from my team ended up in the clinic with puss coming from his bell end.
    Fun can be had so be prepared.
  9. i've got a fridge i'm gonna sell on in nov. when this tour finishes

    cost me $125 but its gleamin... got a mini freezer aswell!

    you can get dvds yes from the choggie shop in the J2 village, next to the subway... wouldnt get electrical stuff from there though as there dodgy.

    the choggie shop on camp delta sells mattresses, makes that camp cot bed a lot comfier

    also would advise buying 1 of them cotton shelf things from ikea to keep your stuff organised

    oh and a decent padlock for your gorilla box...
  10. How much kit / personal gear can you bring? What's the limit?
  11. and who said this webside was just for complaining about kit and taking the piss. cheers guys this is spot on stuff
  12. most units will let you pack a "comfy box"

    luggage wise, we took 1 x grip bag, 1 x bergan, and a daysack for hand luggage

    the raf are really fussy about the weights though
  13. plenty of tee shirts beige if poss and thin sandy coloured socks when i went in oct 03 it was still 40 plus i only wore the issue socks a couple of times as my feet got really hot esp in the magnum boots i took a pair of the old style canvas and swayed boots they were spot on for keepin my foot cool we got issued softie jacket and trousers and cold climate boots the brigade staff got descam gortex which was great sat in the HQ while we wore green kit extra combats is good loads of people of load there spare kit when they leave so you can get some extra stuff there look at the none issue des boots in soldier mag they might be £100 plus but comfort is the key you can get shemages out ther for a few dollors from the locals on camp(not choggies thats racist bit like calling black people niggers )
    good luck with your tour make the most of it, it will define you as a person and is something to be proud of
  14. deffo agree on the t shirts, try and get some more issue brown ones if you can.. the wicker ones...

    also if you can, get a brown t shirt tailored with desert shirt sleeves.. so you can wear them on ops

    a lot of the lads have been getting them tailored themself, but they're trialling it out there now so it looks like everyone will be getting one issued

    with osprey and a shirt on the sweat hasnt got anywhere to go.. so you can come out in a rash... few of us did when we had it on for 29hrs, not nice
  15. U may want to get some drop leg ammo pouches that carry 4 mags on ure legs as u only get 2 osprey ammo pouches and 1 medical pouch as ure webbing or assault vest does not fit over it