Kit to get for the desert

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by theloggie, Mar 1, 2008.

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  1. Folks,

    I'm off to the sandpit (TELIC) soon and was wondering if the world of arrse could suggest any comfy kit to take which wasn't issued as part of the new deployment kit.

    I suppose the exam question is:

    What items of it did you wish you had with you?

  2. Cake mix.
    Wooden posts and decking.
    Horse chestnut saplings.
    Ford Capri gearbox.
  3. Nice baseball cap - Stars and Stripes on the front, "We do bad things to bad people2 on the back.

    All the best people are wearing them, don't you know...
  4. Oh dear,

    I was hoping for some sensible suggestions - I should have known better!

    Oh well.........
  5. Ipod, portable DVD player, PSP. In your comfy box, quilt, pillow, kettle, DVD's books spare tracky's, t-shirts, underwear, plenty of extra toiletries like razors, soap, shower gel, shaving gel etc because the Naffi will bum rape you for price over there.

    And generally anything you can think of to make you comfortable.
  6. you forgot dildo
  7. Take a wireless laptop, preferably with a digital t.v card or one of those digital usb thingys. BFBS broadcast digital t.v at the COB. Im pretty sure they were trying to jack up some wireless internet as well.
    If they haven't i'm sure someone else will have by now. (for a price)
  8. A "chillow pillow"

    You fill it with water, then put in your pillow. They are the bollox.

    A pillow.

    two cotton liners for your dos bag, one can be washed whilst the other is used. Or a quilt etc in your comfy box.

    Lap top or similar to watch dvds and have music. Screen bigger on laptop.

    mp3 player or ipod.

    couple of books.

    hand wash.

    dhobi bag.

    solar shower (you may get them issued now).

    towl robe.

    flip flops.

    sink plug

    wash bag that hangs up.

    mirror (metal one in your kit).

    plenty of washing stuff. mail it to yourself if needed.
  9. a fan for your pit,as well as the air con in the accommodation its much needed ,looks like you doing a summer tour ,ouch !!!!
  10. Now we know what you get upto on tour :D
  11. Search the site for "comfy". This has been done before and in some depth, too.

    Hand gel, plastic bags and an IPOD (but not if you are a sailor and posted anywhere near Iran). :D

  12. In that case, surely there should be a sticky somewhere for this sort of advice?
  13. Alternatively, look on search for the approx 100 million threads on "Im going on tour but don't have a clue what to take with me"
  14. That's the best one I've seen yet. PMSL! :D
  15. Obviously it depends on where youre based but Choc Frog has some v.good suggestions; I have been deployed for 5 months now (Iraq and Afghan; don't ask), principally in the big bases; the COB, Kdr, Bsn. Here is a list of essential items that I've needed and you can't get easily/cheaply out here or arent issued:

    Pillow and 2 cases.
    Sink Plug (one of those big, flat travel ones that'll fit most holes).
    Civvi PT kit (I cant find any running shorts anywhere).
    Toiletries (I confirm that EFI are a total rip-off).

    Everything else you can get out here in the PX (mil kit) or through welfare (books, games etc).

    also, this has saved my sanity:

    DVD player or laptop (but not DVDs; get them out here).

    The gyms are excellent in most big bases, as is the laundry but, nevertheless, if you like the gym (which you either should or you will by the time your tour's up) you'll need at least 3 sets of pt kit. Laundry turnaround is usually 24 hours (sometimes less) so, if you're like me and like to go to the gym every day...